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Card of the Day-6 June 2017

Princess of Cups with 5 and 6 of Cups

The truth is that we are always going to have moments that test our patience, our temperaments, our emotions. This a part of life but just as a lotus is shown, we must rise above the mud and the muck. It is through these very moments we are able to choose to be wiser, kinder, and better–thereby becoming the lotus arising from the mud. Its a deeper sense of awareness that external catalysts don’t have to ripple across our peace IMG_20170606_065604_372within. This is what the fish is saying for today. Fish can be adaptable, dig deep at the subconscious, It’s about wisdom. This seems the theme for today. Wisdom of knowing that while there are always going to be trying times, conflicts with others, or actions which plague and pluck at our emotions, we are capable of rising above with a sense of awareness, understanding, wisdom, and grace (the swan energy). We are coming into our own emotional power, refusing others to steal away our peace and happiness. From stealing away any bit of our power.

In truth, we wouldn’t be fully grateful for the good moments if we didn’t experience the sour ones as well. Sometimes the bad moments seem daunting and overwhelming–as if we will never be capable of overcoming them–but this is what fear does. It puffs up the situation to appear much more terrifying than what it truly is. Don’t give in to fear. Face it with understanding within your heart and even a sense of gratitude for the learning experience.

You may be tested with these very sorts of moments today–whether it be from an event that takes place or from people. Don’t sweat it. Just remember to breathe and if needed, call upon either fish or swan energy for today. Turtle is about persistence so don’t allow yourself to be stopped–keep pushing forward. You are capable of achieving all that you hope. Allow yourself to remain centered and calm with your emotions balanced, in check, and controlled. Don’t give away your power.

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Card of the Day-12 Dec 2016

Card of the Day
You may find today to be trying but just remember to have patience and keep on moving. Courage and confidence are two big contenders here but with this fiery, masculine energy also comes the need to remain compassionate and aware of others. By combining this kindness with your own inner  bright self are you truly balanced. It takes a wise leader to have this strength.


“Compassion doesn’t weaken leadership, it makes it stronger.” -Rudy Giuliani

(Rider-Waite deck)

Brightest of Blessings, 

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day–2 Dec 2016


The Emperor (Reversed)

The emperor represents will, wisdom, authority and self-control.  Its about being sure within yourself. Which makes it incredibly important as we enter December–the last month of the year as now is the time to rid ourselves of the old to allow the new year into our lives. As the card is reversed, it may be signaling a lack in boundaries–are you pleasing people? Are you confident within yourself? Are you determined and ready to work toward your goals? Are you empowered? If not, now is a good time to work on rectifying that. By permitting ourselves this time to really study and observe ourselves we are given the chance to rise like the Phoenix upon his shield to be brighter,better versions of ourselves. Don’t stop. This may be the end of the year but its the preparation for the new as well.  Put your will and fire into it. You won’t regret it. It comes with a warning: Don’t grow too rigid and inflexible. 😉☀

*from the Thoth Deck


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


asetIsis was part of the Ennead of Heliopolis with Her parents being Nuit and Geb while Her siblings are Sutekh (Set), Nebet-Het (Nephthys/Her twin), Heru-Wer (Horus the Elder), and Wesir (Osiris who is also Her husband). She is considered greatest of all Goddesses as Her worship was spread all over Europe and survived past the fall of Egypt, which is very interesting to read about!  From Egypt all the way to Britain!! Her worship continued under the guise of the Black Madonna which can be seen in statues as the Madonna is seen suckling Her son just as Isis was seen suckling Horus. Her major cult centers were Philae and Abydos. Her most important temples were at Beh Beit El-Hagar in the Nile Delta and on the island of Philae in Upper Egypt. She was considered the mother of all pharaohs as Her symbol was the throne which typically is found upon Her head. Apparently Isis means “the throne”.

She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, and the downtrodden, though she also listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats, and rulers.She is seen usually as a beautiful woman with magnificent clothing who had either a vulture headdress, or a disk (with horns) or throne upon Her head. Sometimes She is portrayed with wings or nursing Heru-sa-aset (Her son). The vulture headdress gave Her an association with Ma’at, although She could transform into a Kite (then called “The Wailer”, “The Screecher”, or “The Mourner”). She eventually took over attributes of Nuit and Hathor which can be seen in some of Her own attributes and appearances.

She was personification of the Complete Female, the Complete Goddess, or the Triple Goddess in one being. Eventually She became known as Queen of Heaven. Herodotus and even Alexander the Great identified Her with Ceres and Demeter which supposedly made Her more relatable to the Greeks. She was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magick. She adopted Yinepu (Her nephew and the son of Her husband) as well as protected Heru-sa-aset when He was growing up.

She is the Goddess of motherhood, magick, fertility, women, mothers, children, wisdom, witchcraft, medicine, justice, strength, regency, alchemy, agriculture, and the ritual of life. She taught the secrets of magick, medicine, and agriculture to men with Thoth. She also tricked Ra into revealing His real name by having a snake bite Him, and not saving Him until He revealed it. Thus She gained the power of magick and of Ra. She’s also known as the protectress of the dead and Goddess of children. She had central role in Egyptian magick spells and rituals, especially those of protection and healing. She can also be considered a Moon Goddess.

The people loved Her and Osiris as They spent some time living among the people and teaching them. I’ll delve more into the myth and resurrection of Osiris and Isis’ role within that myth when I do a post on Osiris who I personally adore. He is my patron God. Short summary is that Set(h) murdered his brother and scattered His body parts around the land which Isis then proceeded to collect them along with Her sister, Nephthys.  Then with the help of Yinepu and Thoth, She resurrected Him.

Aset is more wisdom and magics-based whereas Isis (who has a more Greek/Roman Flavour) is more centered on Motherhood. I actually got this thought which I can agree with to a degree from a youtuber. I will do my best find that video again so I can credit her.

Epithets to Her were: “The One Who is All”, “The All Goddess”, and “The Lady of Ten Thousand Names”. Cymbals, tambourines, bells, and the sistrum were used to invoke Her and some of Her symbols were the throne, the sun disk with cow horns, knots and the sycamore tree.Some say that the 17th of July is Her birthday which was known as the “Night of the Cradle” while March 5 is Her feast day. Animals sacred to Her are kites, scorpions, snakes (cobras), and geese. Scents that would be good to make either an oil for connecting to Her or for incense would be balsam, amber, cedar wood, sandalwood, cinnamon, and sweet orange. The following make great offerings to Her: Myrrh, flowers, honey, crescent-shaped breads, fruit on trees, dark and sweet wine, libations of milk or rose water.


I know this is a very  brief overview but She is an amazing Goddess who is incredible and very powerful! She has so much information about Her that I could do several posts about Her and might eventually in the future.








Pagyptsian’s Isis video which is no longer available


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The Autumn Witch