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Card of the Day-2 August 2017

Card of the Day-2 August 2017

The 7 of Wands and 9 of Swords (Jumper) photomania-69cdd936c22b84cf4543c55d9e452e00

You may feel guarded and defensive today—with rightful cause. There’s a heaviness that weighs upon your mind that has been haunting you for quite some time. Maybe it’s an issue that has even crept into your very nightmares. It’s painful and tormenting as you may feel hopeless and alone. This could be caused by you or another person. More than likely it’s a deep-rooted issue finally coming to light—or resurfacing. One that is going to require every last ounce of will, creativity, and mental power to release. Prepare to tackle it head-on instead of sweeping it back underneath the rug where it will only fester and plague you further.

photomania-41ae1fa6f1392689d460e8249c83458cTrue transformation isn’t easy and takes time. It’s a process—not a once and you’re done event. There’s some energy building but it’s time to conquer your fear. It’s time to heal. It’s important to remember that you are never alone. Spirit is always there, awaiting your call for help. Just as your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels. They can’t help unless you ask. Sometimes we become so swept up in our mundane, hectic, and chaotic lives that we become disconnected from Spirit and whenever this happens, we do end up with a feeling that we are the only ones who must tackle our problems. We begin to feel scared and isolated. Whereas when you shift back into remembering that you have such a large spiritual support system, you feel empowered and full of love and confidence. It’s a significant shift.

This is your call to finally heal. Transform, little caterpillar. You’ve been suffering for long enough—perhaps longer than you should’ve. Rise up, stand your ground, and assert yourself. Creativity may be needed but you can do it. If you feel like this issue is too ingrained, ask for help in releasing and healing from it. Remember, it’s a process and you may need to repeat whatever it is you need to do a couple of times before it really takes hold. That’s okay. So long as the work is finally being done. It’s time to let go. You’ve been holding on for far too long. Heal. Transform. Carry on.


Brighest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


Card of the Day-2 June 2017

Ace of Wands Reversed

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…20170602_000146-1

Actually, no. This card’s meaning for today would be more like the Hokey Pokey–Put your left foot in…put your left foot out…There’s hesitation and a lack of movement forward. It’s as if once a new breakthrough occurs, a new opportunity, desire, or goal, we immediately backtrack. There’s the chance for progress yet we are too afraid of the change or unknown that we refuse to move. This is only wasting valuable fire energy, My Friends. We may have doubts, fears, worries about the situation. What if I’m not good enough?! Whatever the reason, something is hindering our progress and most likely it’s us. We are squandering our potential!

Check yourself. Clear out the bullshit you’ve been feeding yourself and learn what it is that keeps your from continuing forward. Change is a constant and while scary, it’s only once we leave our comfort zone that we begin to grow and transform as a person. Reassess your goals, dreams, values, and motivations. What drives you forward? What keeps you going? Why did you want to do whatever it was in the first place? Recall that reason and really feel it in your heart. Allow your reason to consume you. Understand that you may be complaining of a lack of growth, change, movement, etc. however, it’s already there. Evaluate whether subconsciously you are the one hindering yourself.

I know this is blunter than I would normally explain but this card really pulls a major punch for me right now. It’s shouting, “YOU ARE IN YOUR OWN WAY! IN THIS MOMENT, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!” Sometimes we need that stern talking to and this is a similar case. Don’t let yourself be the reason you don’t move forward. Don’t take a step forward, only to withdraw back. This isn’t the Hokey Pokey, My Friends. You need to keep moving forward–at least right now.

*Card is from the Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-29 May 2017

King of Wands

Today’s a day of focus and reflection, of honoring and remembering. In the United States we honor those heroic men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we may IMG_20170529_075821_400be free.
Today is nowadays spent with family at the beach or barbecue’s which is why we are being reminded to keep the true meaning of today in mind. I saw a news article yesterday that said Memorial Day has lost its meaning for most Americans. This card is asking that not to be case.


*Card is from the Rider-Waite deck

I give honor and thanks to those who have given their lives so that I and my family may be kept free.


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


Card of the Day-26 May 2017

The Magician Reversed with jumpers-2 of Wands and 6 of Chalices Reversed.

These cards give a very clear message: wait before moving forward!!! With just having celebrated the New Moon (I will be tomorrow), you may be ready to get your feet on the ground and manifest those intentions. However, we’re being told to hold our horses and chill for a bit. Allow those intentions to really set before we begin action. All because weIMG_20170526_005033_605 aren’t actively working towards them doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything. Remember that!
The Magician is telling us things are not in our control at the moment. Wait. Don’t force it. 2 of Wands is all about looking to the future, reflection, and balancing our thoughts. The magician is balanced so this could be what must be controlled first. 6 of Chalices means that we are being drawn to look back at the past, at the old, but with a sense of detachment. We are being called to release. There may be something from the past you are still secretly clinging to which isn’t going to be conducive to manifestation.

*Cards from the Rider-Waite deck

I hope y’all had a great New Moon!

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-5 May 2017


From the Rider-Waite Deck

Card of the Day
Queen of Wands Reversed

You may find difficulties in focusing your thoughts and attention today. There is just a rather spacey feeling and you don’t find yourself mentally grounded very well. This may stem from an outside source but before pointing fingers, take notice of yourself and ask if you may be the cause of it. Low self confidence may be the issue. Perhaps with these retrogrades you’ve began questioning so much about yourself and your beliefs that you almost feel like you don’t recognize or even know yourself.
Confront these issues and understand, if that was the case, that you aren’t a new and unknown person. You have only awakened to who your spirit always was. Find connection to yourself and your beliefs. Spend some time reflecting. Journaling may help. Know too that sometimes we do become so absorbed in our thoughts and worries that we forget to return to earth and ground. 😉

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-11 April 2017


Card of the Day

Knave of Wands
This card has a double meaning for me today so I will share both as one may apply to most and the other to a few. 😊

These past few weeks you may have been struggling with an idea, a concept, or thought. Perhaps you’d hit a creative rut-I know my writer’s block has been exhausting! Pay attention today as inspiration may strike and allow those juices to flow once more. There’s movement of energy now which is great if your head has been in a sort of foggy cloud as of late and with all these planets in retrograde, its not surprising.

Also, some of you may have a visitor today (planned or unplanned). It may even be someone returning from your past. As I stated there’s movement with this card and the knave is drawing my attention, alluding to this feeling of a person coming to call.

*from the Rider-Waite Deck

Card of the Day-6 April 2017


The World (and 10 of Wands Reversed)

We actually had a jumper card which for me signifies the same so it only seems to drive the point.
Struggle is a part of life that most of us tend to get lost and absorbed in. We begin forgetting what motivated us towards our goal and end up becoming disheartened. If you have been feeling this way over a project, goal, advancement, whatever you have been feeding your time and energy to, know now all of your hard work is paying off. You are reaching fulfillment and completion of a cycle. We began as the Fool and now have come full circle to the World and with this fulfillment. And once again shall we return to the Fool as life is about cycles and the Tarot isn’t any different. Don’t necessarily jump into the next project-that definitely conjures up imagery of the Fool card! Instead allow yourself sometime to relish this accomplishment before moving on. Take a moment. Pause. Enjoy and be thankful.

*from the Rider-Waite Deck

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Brightest of Blessings and Happy Thursday,

The Autumn Witch