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Card of the Day-7 June 2017

Card of the Day-Volcano (Volatility) and Dragonfly (Emergence)

What beautiful yet transformational energy is present today and for the next several IMG_20170607_081759_288days. In fact, I’m certain much of it is due to the upcoming Full Moon on Friday. We’re experiencing a rapid change either inside or around us that either 1) we weren’t expecting or 2) is on a much grander scale than we believed. It’s  quick and is shaking us to our very centers. We may have been holding onto that which no longer serves us for quite some time that now there is nowhere to go but to change. Much akin to the tower card, this change is sudden which can leave us feeling  uncertain or even anxious. Just have faith and trust Spirit.

We’re being reminded that while this may be uncomfortable as our most firmly held beliefs may be reassessed, we are ready for this. When this is all said and done, when the rubble and dust has settled, we will have come into a higher sense of ourselves, the situation, and life as a whole. As I stated above, honestly, what a beautiful experience. The unknown and change can be scary but it is only through these uncomfortable situations that we are able to rise higher.

Cards are from the Earth Magic oracle deck by Steven D. Farmer

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

The Darkest Night of the Year

Happy Solstice Eve! I meant to write this post Sunday which is the day I typically assign for posting the week’s post but this week has been absolutely chaotic, including me losing my drive for a bit. It’s back though and I’m ready to go! 🙂 As you know, Yule focuses on the rebirth of the Sun God who gave His life during the harvest season so that we may survive the winter. It’s about bringing light back into the dark and from tomorrow until Litha, the daylight will begin growing with the sun once more peaking on the Summer Solstice which is the longest day of the year. Then we repeat the cycle.

However, to really embrace this spirit of rebirth and renewal, we must be prepared to do the necessary work tonight. It definitely helps that Yule lasts for three days which allows others the comfort of being able to celebrate on one of the other two should they be unable to celebrate on the actual Winter Solstice day itself. I’ll be taking advantage of this three day span to fully release, purify, and invoke–all of which I’ll discuss momentarily. 20161220_085920-1.jpgInstead, we must do the prep work and really observe and notice our Shadows which is good for tonight. I’m always reminded of The Moon card of the Thoth Deck which almost seems to me to be asking whether we’re prepared to enter this darkest night, do the Shadow work, so that we may emerge into the light renewed and prepared.

Not only must we face our Shadows but its also important to remember that now is the time to determine that which no longer serves us. What have we been conditioned into believing and accepting that doesn’t fit? This has always been my major issue as I’ve always desired to conform to the ideals of my family as I wanted nothing more than to be accepted. I’ve always been eccentric and drawn to the occult, to witchcraft, and to things considered odd in my family. Growing up, I was always the outsider who very much wanted to belong which led me into the Shadow of people pleasing. I was terrified to embrace myself as that goal would never manifest. As I grew older I learned how silly this was–if they wouldn’t accept me unless I forced myself to deny my own personality then I had no use for them. This is one of my goals for 2017: to stop people-pleasing!

The entire month of December can be devoted to this as it can definitely take some time to do and December is great for tying up loose ends while releasing before we start the new year. Even nonmagickally inclined people tend to do this! 🙂 Once we’ve grown aware of what needs to be banished, we may do so. The first day of Yule this year, personally, will focus on this after I celebrate the Divine Birth of the Sun. I’ll add some sort of releasing into my ritual–which I haven’t written yet! 😮 Talk about waiting until the last minute! I may for once do something spontaneous instead of pre-planned…who knows! Regardless, 20161220_085955-1.jpgthe first day will focus on releasing this while focusing on love and gratitude. Though the lessons learned and experienced were difficult, filled with many tears and heated words, they nonetheless have allowed me to glean more knowledge from them. Transformation occurs here for me as I think of the old saying, “dying to the old to welcome the new!”. How true! This is why the Death Card ended up in my reading for today! Transformational Energy, Baby (Hopefully you read that in Austin Power’s voice!) 😉

After releasing, it’s always beneficial to purify before invoking anything you desire. This can be done by smudging, taking a salt bath, or by a myriad of other methods! I always prefer to purify after releasing anything  as I feel it leaves a vacuum for anything to enter so after the initial releasing, I’ll probably do a small purification before invoking on the first day. The second day will be spent de-cluttering and purifying my space and life to welcome in the new. So, quick recap-1st day: Releasing with a small purification of self and invoking what I want to emanate this coming year–such as being more joyful, led by spirit…etc. 2nd day: Purifying my life and space so I can invoke my intentions for this coming year. Day 1 was really about releasing my own personal demons which means I need to invite blessings to feel that space I’ve created within myself. This purifying I’m discussing for the day is to cleanse the rest of my space. I hope that isn’t confusing…

Day three will be a day to invoke my intentions for the year. Since joy is my chosen word for the year, I’ll do things throughout the day that bring me joy. By staying aware of this20161220_090016-1.jpg each time I feel that vibration, I’ll be capable of attracting more of it throughout the year. I could decide upon two, three, or as many as I want but the most important aspect is feeling them! You have to raise your vibrations to match! This helps lead to a new
beginning, a rebirth, as now you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated. Ah…so nice! 🙂 I’m not sure about you but 2016 has been one heck of a doozy that I can’t wait to leave behind! This makes this Yule celebration particularly crucial as I just feel heavy with the energetic grime of the year! 2017 is a 1 year in numerology as well which is all about NEW BEGINNINGS so let’s make it one hell of a year, hmm? With all of this talk about the personal aspect of Yule, it’s good to remember to also celebrate the rebirth of the God, spend time with our loved ones, as well as drink and be merry!

I wish you all a blessed Yule full of love, light, health, and joy! May we face this darkest night to emerge renewed on this day of rebirth! ❤

The Autumn Witch


*All the cards featured are from the Thoth Deck and if you follow my Card of the Day posts will be familiar 😉


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Card of the Day-20 Dec 2016

Cards for today:

The Moon, Death, and the Fool

I didn’t draw a card as normal for today because I instantly had these three come to mind as soon as I woke. Tonight is Yule Eve, with tomorrow being Yule or the Winter Solstice–the rebirth of the God (the Sun). In order to be reborn ourselves and really work with these themes, we must be willing to face the longest, darkest night of the year. We must face our shadows so that we may release and let go all that which no longers serves us. 
This is why I chose the moon card first off as the imagery perfectly represent this necessary will to traverse between the pillars, into the darkness, so that we may emerge into the light renewed and energetically cleared. The moon also allows us to peer through the illusions and into those dark places so that they may be illuminated. It is no use to merely sweep the shadows beneath the rug and ignore them because eventually you will have to face them.

 As we do this necessary work, as we release and banish that which we no longer want, deserve, or need, we must also purify ourselves so that we may welcome the new. This is a great time of transformation which is why the Death cars came to mind. We are dying to the old so that we may be reborn to the new. As within, so without. We’re extensions of what is occurring in nature at this time. 

Lastly, this is a time of new beginnings and of fresh starts. For some Pagans, Yule is the new year instead of Samhain so once more do we return to the fool as he begins a new cycle, though if we’ve done the proper work, we’ll be all the wiser. Life is full of endless cycles of endings and new beginnings but it’s important to remember its also a spiral as we’re never in the exact same place as before. This may be Yule, which occurred last year just as it always has and always will, but we’re not the same people we were last year. We have grown,  fallen, and learned more than the previous year which makes each time a new experience. 😊

I wish you all a very blessed Yule. May we delve deep within on this darkest Solstice Eve night so we may all emerge into the light with open hearts and minds. ❤

(Carda from the Thoth deck) 

Brightest Yule Eve blessings!

The Autumn Witch


700Rhiannon is a very important Welsh Goddess whose title is “The Great Queen”. She is also known as The Divine Queen of the Fairies (like Epona). She is the Goddess of horses, birds, the moon, enchantments, inspiration, fertility, death, and the underworld. She is similar to Epona and is even known as a Horse Goddess. She is a mother Goddess and Her husband is Pwyll with Pryderi being Her son. Rhiannon is seen as a source of inspiration for Poets, Artists, and Singers. As She possesses deep magick, She is seen as a witch and healer. She is also a Sovereignty Goddess as well as a Goddess of Transformation.

According to the Mabinogen, Rhiannon fell in love with a mortal, Prince Pwyll. She rode by him and immediately he fell in love with Her. He followed Her but regardless of how fast he rode, he never could catch up. Eventually he called out to Her and She stopped to wait for him. All he had to do was ask for Her. She left the realm of the fairies and lived with him at his castle. A couple of years later, She gave birth to a son, Pryderi, who went missing that first night after he was born. Terrified and panicked, the servants put puppy blood on Rhiannon’s face as she slept and scattered the bones around Her which made everyone believe She’d eaten Her baby. As punishment, She was forced to stand at the castle gates with a horse’s collar around Her neck where She had to carry anyone who came to the gates to their destination inside. For seven long years She never complained. On day, Pryderi returned and her name was restored. She knows hardship and can be called upon for comfort.

Animals sacred to Her are white horses and birds which are two of Her symbols. Other symbols related to Her are the moon, the horseshoe, gates ,the wind, and the number seven. Her sacred color is green and Her element is earth. I found somewhere that stated She is associated with Yule, Ostara, Litha, and Mabon. Plants associated with Her are narcissus, daffodils, leeks, pansies, forsythia, cedar, pine, bayberry, sage, and rosemary. If you wish to use incense while working with Her then you can use either sandalwood, neroli, bergamot, lavender, narcissus, and geranium. Gems, stones, and metals sacred to Her are gold, cat’s eye, silver, moonstone, clear quartz, ruby, red garnet, bloodstone, turquoise, and amethyst. Colors other than green that are associated with Rhiannon are maroon, gold, silver, rich brown, white, black, charcoal gray, and ruby red.




(Picture found on pinterest. I do not own it and do not know the artist.)

The Transformation Process

Good Afternoon, everyone! I hope ya’ll had a great 4th, if in the States. Mine was alright except I unfortunately was unable to see any fireworks due to rain and storms. They were postponed until the 9th which I will definitely be one of the first people in line to watch! 🙂 Can you tell how much I love them?

In this post I wanted to talk about transformation which was a very big theme yesterday thanks to the new moon in cancer. I could feel the emotional energy without a doubt and I did take time to reflect on what I wanted to manifest this month. Well later on last night I was browsing through Youtube and was guided back to a video which I haven’t watched for years–actually since I was converting! I was so confused because I’ve done a two different spells to release that desire to convert as it is no longer part of who I am. Yet it still crops up so I always assumed my spell fizzled even though I felt much lighter and better directly after.

Well this video was talking about the month of Elul which for those who don’t know what that is, its the month which precedes Rosh Hashanah (the New Year) and Yom Kippur (the day of Judgment). It’s about preparing oneself for the High Holidays and really returning back to your path and God. The woman in the video was talking about how true transformation takes a while. This isn’t something that magickally happens overnight which is why when we suddenly declare our new year’s resolutions on Jan. 1st they never seem to stick. You have to ease into it and by acting in accordance with what you wish is a daily task that must be done.

My fault was expecting it to suddenly happen overnight and instead of realizing that whenever anything would crop up again that made me miss it it was a chance to work on this transformation as I would actively choose what I want which in turn would reiterate it to my own self, I was growing frustrated and instead would begin to question myself. Now just a quick recap, for those who don’t know, I never grew up religious and while I’d always been interested in witchcraft and wicca, my mother, having been brought up Christian, said no. After that I never was interested in religion as I never felt as if anything was missing in my life. Senior year in High School I read a book that got me thinking and I realized I was missing something but what, I didn’t know. So I tried to read the bible and really be Christian but it lasted for about a week. It wasn’t until my freshman year at college that I felt drawn to any religion which was Judaism. It really got me soul searching and I absolutely loved the people, the culture, the practices, and going to Temple. I just don’t believe in God–or at least one. Being a solitary pagan, I do find myself missing that community where we come together to celebrate. That’s one of the cons of being solitary but I also have such an unpredictable schedule that trying to join a coven would be too much of a challenge.

Anways, returning to what I wanted to talk about, transformation is a process. A process. It isn’t something which can happen overnight and there will be times when whatever it was makes you want to return to it and that’s okay. Just acknowledge what it is that you are missing or wanting then take a deep breath and release it. Let it go. It isn’t the sudden release of any desire but the actively and mindful choosing of what you do want that bring about the transformation. I believe any spells cast for transformation are to give you that push and motivation to remain determined as well as acting as a promise that it will happen. The worst thing you could possibly do is chastise yourself and talk down to yourself because the transformation (which includes releasing something) hasn’t occurred yet. It’s a process, my darling, which means it will take a while. That’s okay.

Just go with the process. Be mindful and actively working towards your goal. You’ll reach it. 🙂

Brightest of Blessings!

The Autumn Witch