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Card of the Day-4 August 2017

2 of Chalices and Queen of Pentacles

These cards would NOT let me shuffle them properly then these two flipped over without photomania-d904c4c9529b60a682e202fc389815f6me drawing them so needless to say, Spirit WANTED this message! Lol.

A partnership or relationship may present itself today. Conversely, if you are already in a relationship then today may be a day which only strengthens and deepens your connection and bond to one another. There’s respect and equal exchange of energies and love in a relationship. You can have it all, My Darling. A loving relationship, a strong friendship, a respectable business partnership, and success. There’s an union of two individuals possible but it’s your decision whether you seize the opportunity or not.

photomania-e5cc1fe3cc9a448fe68e7acb973db01bI usually have a quite longer write-up but today’s cards seem very much direct. I looked at them and immediately knew precisely what they were talking about. And ya’ll the Queen of Pentacles is very Venus for me right now and I have no idea why. I’ll go with it lol.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!





Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


*Cards are from the Rider-Waite deck


(Excuse the horrid camera quality. I have no clue what’s wrong. Ugh, Technology, right?)



Card of the Day-31 May 2017

Card of the Day (or should I say cards)
Full Moon (Completion) Reversed, 4 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, king of swords reversed.

We are still working towards the manifestation of a goal, perhaps one formed during the New Moon and this card is telling us now is not the time to sit on our laurels. Instead we must now actively work towards bringing our desire into fruition. How? That’s what I IMG_20170531_083938_841asked before drawing the other 3 cards because direction may be needed.
We may finally be in a place of stability–even if but slightly–which makes this a good time to work towards your goal. Remain conservative of your time, money, and energy as they are your greatest assets presently. However, do not become stingy and possessive about money.
Diligent hard work and attention to detail is called upon now. This isn’t a goal that will appear magickally from nowhere. Instead you must roll up your sleeves and get to it.
However, we end with a warning and that is don’t become aggressive. Don’t force anything to happen. If we spend too much energy and effort without necessary breaks and pauses then we can easily burn out. When we force things to manifest we are actually working against them and in fact could cause it to take longer to appear-if at all.
We have plenty of work ahead of us that is the only way this goal will manifest. Now there is a change of stability and circumstance to allow for this to come into reality. However, don’t become possessive, aggressive, or force it. Let it organically come into being.

*Oracle card is from Earth Magic oracle deck by Steven D. Farmer and the tarot cards are from the Rider-Waite deck.

Brightest of Blessings and Happy Manifesting,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-22 May 2017

Card of the Day
5 of Swords

Some caution is best given today as tensions may rise. Arguments or disagreements you IMG_20170522_080818_019thought were over may reappear. Try to stay grounded and centered and not allow your temper to boil. Tact, caution, discernment, and awareness are key today. *From Rider-Waite Deck


Card of the Day-19 April 2017


Knight of Chalices Reversed and Queen of Swords (Jumper)

As the sun moves from fiery Aries, which gave us that spark for life and action once more, to the earthy and stable Taurus, we will find ourselves becoming more grounded. We aren’t as quick to jump into action but instead must ensure there is an emotional desire to our actions. We can have all the energy, will, and I can attitude but unless there is an emotional investment (a desire within) then it isn’t an inspired action. If you’re having trouble manifesting something in your life, assess what emotions it invokes within you? Is there even an emotional response?  Remember emotions create our need, our desire, our want and is an important part of the witch’s pyramid.

Cards from the Rider-Waite deck.

Take some time today to really feel and delve into your emotions to discover what it is your heart truly desires.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

La Tarjeta Por Hoy-11 Abril 2017


Esta tarjeta tiene un doble significado por hoy, por eso voy a explicar los dos porque uno puede aplicar a algunas personas mientras el otro a otras. 😊

Estas últimas semanas, ustedes pueden haber sufrido con una idea, un concepto, o pensamiento. Tal vez ustedes han estado falta de creatividad— ¡Sé que he estado faltando de inspiración con mi historia! Presta atención porque inspiración puede estar en cualquier lugar hoy y finalmente permitir los jugos creativos fluir de nuevo. Hay movimiento de energía ahora que es más que bienvenida, especialmente si su mente ha estado en una confusión y con todos de estos planetas retrógrados, no es una sorpresa.

También hay algunos de ustedes quien pueden tener un visitante (esperado o no). Puede ser alguien regresando de su pasado. Como dije, hay movimiento con esta tarjeta y la personaje del knave está causándome a pensar que pueden tener un visitante.

Yo sé que los caballeros significan movimiento pero esta tarjeta está gritándome esta intención. Si quieres ver mi entrada de blog en inglés, haz clic aquí.

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Espero que tengan un día bendito!

The Autumn Witch

(La Bruja del Otoño)

Card of the Day-11 April 2017


Card of the Day

Knave of Wands
This card has a double meaning for me today so I will share both as one may apply to most and the other to a few. 😊

These past few weeks you may have been struggling with an idea, a concept, or thought. Perhaps you’d hit a creative rut-I know my writer’s block has been exhausting! Pay attention today as inspiration may strike and allow those juices to flow once more. There’s movement of energy now which is great if your head has been in a sort of foggy cloud as of late and with all these planets in retrograde, its not surprising.

Also, some of you may have a visitor today (planned or unplanned). It may even be someone returning from your past. As I stated there’s movement with this card and the knave is drawing my attention, alluding to this feeling of a person coming to call.

*from the Rider-Waite Deck