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Card of the Day-6 June 2017

Princess of Cups with 5 and 6 of Cups

The truth is that we are always going to have moments that test our patience, our temperaments, our emotions. This a part of life but just as a lotus is shown, we must rise above the mud and the muck. It is through these very moments we are able to choose to be wiser, kinder, and better–thereby becoming the lotus arising from the mud. Its a deeper sense of awareness that external catalysts don’t have to ripple across our peace IMG_20170606_065604_372within. This is what the fish is saying for today. Fish can be adaptable, dig deep at the subconscious, It’s about wisdom. This seems the theme for today. Wisdom of knowing that while there are always going to be trying times, conflicts with others, or actions which plague and pluck at our emotions, we are capable of rising above with a sense of awareness, understanding, wisdom, and grace (the swan energy). We are coming into our own emotional power, refusing others to steal away our peace and happiness. From stealing away any bit of our power.

In truth, we wouldn’t be fully grateful for the good moments if we didn’t experience the sour ones as well. Sometimes the bad moments seem daunting and overwhelming–as if we will never be capable of overcoming them–but this is what fear does. It puffs up the situation to appear much more terrifying than what it truly is. Don’t give in to fear. Face it with understanding within your heart and even a sense of gratitude for the learning experience.

You may be tested with these very sorts of moments today–whether it be from an event that takes place or from people. Don’t sweat it. Just remember to breathe and if needed, call upon either fish or swan energy for today. Turtle is about persistence so don’t allow yourself to be stopped–keep pushing forward. You are capable of achieving all that you hope. Allow yourself to remain centered and calm with your emotions balanced, in check, and controlled. Don’t give away your power.

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Drawn to What We Need

It’s no surprise that these past retrogrades have really kicked some butt and mine especially! I’ve been so drained mentally, physically, and by far spiritually. I had loads of stuff come up that I’d thought I’d already dealt with but apparently had been merely sweeping underneath the rug and calling it good. We all know eventually that crap is going to come back up and mine hit me hard! I was left struggling against the waves of emotion and actually had gotten to the point that I was crying during any commercial that was in the least bit sad! I allowed myself to indulge in these feelings and these old projects and beliefs of who I should be so I could better understand them. Have a little one-on-one with some of my shadows that I’ve been locking away.

Well, unfortunately I began to doubt myself and my own personal power which is something we should never do. It took a while for me to get back to my self again and that really was only with the help of spending some time with mama earth, out in nature which I’m going to do a post about later (hopefully today). Once I’d begun feeling more like myself, I decided to visit the local crystal shop which I absolutely love! I try to only go in there with $10-$20 otherwise I’ll spend more money than I really should! I wasn’t actually going to buy anything there for once and was just looking around while my little sister bought herself some stuff. Needless to say, I ended up spending all of my money too as I’d been drawn to some crystals which I didn’t know much about. I did buy myself some black tourmaline and a piece of citrine–which I know is baked amethyst because of its color, but it works and I was guided to that one!

I thought I would share what I bought and why they were precisely what I needed. That’s the true purpose of this post is that we really need to pay attention to what we are drawn to because our bodies and our intuition is aware of more than our minds are! Returning to the crystal shop, I always go in with intent to buy specific pieces but this time I went in without any set frame of mind. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, I need some carnelian for this grid or a piece of rose quartz for that spell…” Instead I ended up allowing my higher self to guide me in choosing my new goodies. πŸ™‚ This isn’t limited to crystals as everything has a vibrational frequency and its own correspondences. Anyways here are my newest beauties and their magickal correspondences.

My first piece I was drawn to was snowflake obsidian. I have a tumbled piece of obsidian I like but I’ve never worked with snowflake obsidian before so I was confused as to how different it was from the regular black obsidian I had at home. When I got home, I looked it up to find that it is a stone of purity and good for past life work. It brings balance to body, mind, and spirit which was something I definitely needed! It also helps draw emotions to the surface to examine harmful thought patterns which was precisely what I’d been dealing with these past several weeks. It also quickly brings truths to the surface and is good for shadow work. Alright, Higher Self and Guides, I hear ya! It’s also good for grounding and protection while helps allow one to reach a deeper meditative state.


The second stone was white calcite which raises consciousness, links to higher spiritual states as well as awakens psychic abilities. Feeling very grounded and disconnected, this will be more than welcomed and helpful. It’s also a stone of new beginnings as well as able to cleanse the chakras and auric field. It’s also good for the crown chakra which hello, connection??? I’m starting to think my guides might know precisely what they are doing πŸ˜‰ This stone reminds me of freshly fallen snow which has a cleansing and purifying quality to it.


The third stone was selenite which I do have a small piece of already but I don’t really use it. We all know selenite is good for the crown chakra as well so I’m beginning to sense a theme πŸ™‚ It’s good for mental clarity as it can cleanse the aura of buildup and it also removes energy blocks. It can be used to relieve stress. As it relates to the moon it is powerful for intuition and psychic awareness. Getting back to knowing myself and listening to my own inner bell. It moves spiritual growth quickly and promotes meditation and spiritual development. All my problems solved with three stones with many overlapping elements and correspondences.


The forth purchase I made was a bottle of black tourmaline chips as I have plenty of rough stones but wanted the chips for spellwork. Black tourmaline is one of my favorites and good for repelling and blocking negative energies and psychic attack. It cleanses, purifies, and transforms this dense energy into a more positive and lighter one. It’s amazing for grounding and can help purify and neutralize one’s own negative thoughts and inner turmoil. Considering I hadn’t thought about buying it beforehand I feel I was guided to looking at the bottle of chips because I specifically needed this one. It’s protective and a shamanic stone. It’s good for the base chakra as well which I could use some grounding in my life right now.m

As I stated above, I also bought myself a citrine point that I am absolutely one hundred percent in love with! Citrine is by far my favorite crystal and I was distraught when my other piece of citrine I had fell out of my pocket somewhere between my house and my class as I never found it. However I am now able to bask in the playful and joyous energy that it holds again! πŸ˜€ Citrine is good for enhancing optimism and joy, helping overcome depression, cleansing and energizing, as well as success. It’s a stone of manifestation and abundance. Its also good for energy, stamina, and personal power. It’s also a natural birthstone for me which I didn’t know!


I’m feeling better and am slowly rekindling that inner spark that really makes me know that I am who I am and that I am connected with the Divine. I have some major releasing to do this Full Moon which I’m hoping to celebrate. I may end up waiting until the waning moon. We’ll see πŸ™‚ I learned the best thing to do wasn’t to beat myself up but lovingly remind myself that we all have ups and downs in our spiritual life and that’s okay! Society is taught that our spirituality is separate from our daily mundane lives which can lead to feelings of detachment and disconnection. However, everything around us is of the Divine and sacred. The trees, the sky, the sun and moon, even the earth herself is of the Gods. They are closer than you think πŸ™‚ Being kind towards yourself is a better approach to handling such problems as well. Brightest of Blessings and I hope everyone has a great Full Moon! πŸ™‚

Blessed Be!

The Autumn Witch