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Card of the Day-5 June 2017

Today’s Card of the Day is the Ace of Cups reversed with two other cards to clarify: The Star and Queen of Disks (Pentacles). IMG_20170605_044624

We want to heal the world and certainly could agree that it is in need of it. Every day we are bombarded by images and stories of destruction, fear, hate, ignorance, and intolerance. This is unbearable, especially for an empath or healer. We want to spread light into the world. We want to help. However, we can’t spread anything from an empty cup which is bound to happen when we allow ourselves to become drained. We invest so much of our time and energy into these stories and our mission that we forget we must care for ourselves as well. It’s only practical. Before we can share our light, we must be in control of our bodies and selves. Take time to refill your own heart with light. Do something that brings you joy. Go for a walk, paint, dance, play with a pet. Anything to recharge your own heart chakra so that you may be the luminous healer and lightbearer you were meant to be.

This is going to perhaps be the running theme for a bit as this certainly isn’t a quick fix sort of issue. So how can we possibly hope to accomplish this besides fueling our own IMG_20170605_045902joy? I pulled an oracle card for guidance and had one jump out as well. The meaning was more than spot on and I almost gasped when I saw it because duh, why didn’t I think of that?! The actual card pulled actually had me laughing because it took me a moment. So, the card pulled was Full Moon (Completion) which confused me because I didn’t get the completion part. I realized this card was being literal and referring to the Full Moon which is on the 9th. It’s a time to set intentions, release what is no longer serving us, and do manifestation magick. The jumper was Rainbow (Blessings). We can recharge ourselves by counting our blessings each and every day since gratitude raises our vibrations. However, it would seem that this Full Moon is particularly important to do so.

Be grateful for what is right and good in the world, set some intentions, recharge yourself, do some TLC, ignite your passions so that you may spread more light into this world so that we may be healed and whole again.


*Tarot Cards are from the Thoth Deck which I am loving more and more! Oracle Cards are from the Earth Magic Oracle Deck by Steven D. Farmer.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


Card of the Day-1 June 2017

Support, Passion, and Archangel Michael

Life gets hard. It’s messy, tough, fun, and overall beautiful. However, it can understandably be difficult to always remain positive, especially in bleak circumstances. I know that.
Today, regardless of whether its a big or small struggle, know you are divinely supported. The Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess are here for you–you need only ask. You don’t have to singlehandedly do everything. Ask for help. Pray and know your words are being heard.
A change in circumstance or environment may be what is best needed. Surround yourself with people who enliven you-not drain. Find joy and bliss in the small things. Allow yourself to feel passionate about something and do it. It doesn’t have to be anything big but something small as lighting a scented candle you enjoy and taking a few moments to bask in the flicker of the flame, dancing in its own joy, while the smell begins to slowly permeate the area.
Above all else, know that the Archangel Michael is always there and will help. Again, all you need do is ask. He is protective and can transmute negative energy. Call to him and ask for help. Meditate on him.
There is a lot of fire energy in this spread so if you are magickally inclined, take some time to invoke and work with fire energy. 💃❤🙏🔥😊

*Cards from the Angel Insight Pack by Christine Astell

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-21 Dec 2016

Card of the Day

Fire (Passion)
During this time of year its easy to feel down and just disconnected. Though we are preoccupied with parties and getting ready for the holidays, we can still succumb to feelings of disinterest and depression. The Fire card reminds us to find what brings us alive. What lights that inner spark and inspires you? When we are passionate it’s easier for us to remember that we’re alive! We tend to be happier and wanting to enjoy all that life has to offer. Today is the first day of winter which is a holy day for Pagans as they celebrate the rebirth of the sun God. As we bring His light into this season of darkness, this reminds us that we must also rekindle our own flame–our own inner light. 

I challenge you today to find what brings you alive? What are you passionate about? Find ways to bring that into your life more! Especially during this time of year when we can suffer from the seasonal blues. 

Have a wonderful day and a very blessed Winter Solstice! 

(From the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer)

Brightest of Blessings! 

The Autumn Witch 

Card of the Day–22 Nov 2016

The Stars

Lately you may have begun feeling uninspired. Perhaps a task, hobby, career, etc. has fizzled out of passion. There was plenty of drive, enthusiasm,  and joy in the beginning but now you find yourself lost in thought and unable to grow, move, or do. Or maybe its not your unable but you just simply dread it. Either way, no movement is occurring and your will and desire aren’t present. We become so caught up in the minute details that we can lose sight of why we do something or what our desired outcome is. Take time to step back and recall why it is you do something or why it is you started. Align yourself back with that feeling. Look for that sense of inspiration.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

**Card is from the Rider-Waite Deck**