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Card of the Day-6 June 2017

Princess of Cups with 5 and 6 of Cups

The truth is that we are always going to have moments that test our patience, our temperaments, our emotions. This a part of life but just as a lotus is shown, we must rise above the mud and the muck. It is through these very moments we are able to choose to be wiser, kinder, and better–thereby becoming the lotus arising from the mud. Its a deeper sense of awareness that external catalysts don’t have to ripple across our peace IMG_20170606_065604_372within. This is what the fish is saying for today. Fish can be adaptable, dig deep at the subconscious, It’s about wisdom. This seems the theme for today. Wisdom of knowing that while there are always going to be trying times, conflicts with others, or actions which plague and pluck at our emotions, we are capable of rising above with a sense of awareness, understanding, wisdom, and grace (the swan energy). We are coming into our own emotional power, refusing others to steal away our peace and happiness. From stealing away any bit of our power.

In truth, we wouldn’t be fully grateful for the good moments if we didn’t experience the sour ones as well. Sometimes the bad moments seem daunting and overwhelming–as if we will never be capable of overcoming them–but this is what fear does. It puffs up the situation to appear much more terrifying than what it truly is. Don’t give in to fear. Face it with understanding within your heart and even a sense of gratitude for the learning experience.

You may be tested with these very sorts of moments today–whether it be from an event that takes place or from people. Don’t sweat it. Just remember to breathe and if needed, call upon either fish or swan energy for today. Turtle is about persistence so don’t allow yourself to be stopped–keep pushing forward. You are capable of achieving all that you hope. Allow yourself to remain centered and calm with your emotions balanced, in check, and controlled. Don’t give away your power.

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Card of the Day-19 Dec 2016

Card of the Day
Lotus Flower

There are dark points in our lives where we don’t feel we’re making any progress and this feeling may span several different arenas from the spiritual to the physical. Even now, as we traverse towards the darkest night of the year, we are delving deep within the dark of our own selves so that we may make room for the new. This makes this card beautiful as the lotus, a beautiful flower, arises from the mud.  We may feel as if we’re stuck and our clarity may be as dark as the mud itself but we’re making progress. Everything is unfolding as it should- you just need to trust in this. You will rise from this precisely where and when you need to. Don’t rush the process or bog it down with worry. Instead allow it to happen. Just allow and be. 
(From the Steven D. Farmer Earth Magic deck)

(Excuse my absence from doing these posts. Everything has been so hectic…maybe I need this card more than others 🙂 )
Brightest of Blessings, 

The Autumn Witch