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Card of the Day-1 June 2017

Support, Passion, and Archangel Michael

Life gets hard. It’s messy, tough, fun, and overall beautiful. However, it can understandably be difficult to always remain positive, especially in bleak circumstances. I know that.
Today, regardless of whether its a big or small struggle, know you are divinely supported. The Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess are here for you–you need only ask. You don’t have to singlehandedly do everything. Ask for help. Pray and know your words are being heard.
A change in circumstance or environment may be what is best needed. Surround yourself with people who enliven you-not drain. Find joy and bliss in the small things. Allow yourself to feel passionate about something and do it. It doesn’t have to be anything big but something small as lighting a scented candle you enjoy and taking a few moments to bask in the flicker of the flame, dancing in its own joy, while the smell begins to slowly permeate the area.
Above all else, know that the Archangel Michael is always there and will help. Again, all you need do is ask. He is protective and can transmute negative energy. Call to him and ask for help. Meditate on him.
There is a lot of fire energy in this spread so if you are magickally inclined, take some time to invoke and work with fire energy. πŸ’ƒβ€πŸ™πŸ”₯😊

*Cards from the Angel Insight Pack by Christine Astell

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-4 May 2017


Card of the Day
Summer Solstice

Take a moment to think about the first day of summer. How does that make you feel? What feelings and desires arise? For me, I think of hot days, outside tanning, yardsales, and fairs. We tend to become more active and joyful during these months as we long to spend our time outside,Β  enjoying those longer days.
We tend to radiate more…or maybe that’s just sweat. πŸ˜‰ When you are active and doing things that bring you joy then you send that vibration out into the Universe which means you will receive more joy. You will draw experiences and people to you that hold the same vibration.
So, the message for today is: Get out there and shine like the star that you are. (The sun is a star πŸ˜‰) Be active. Enjoy the moment! If you’ve been wanting to try something new, go for it. Mediate on the summer solstice and how its energy is just bursting with life. Take this feelings and invoke it within yourself. Get out there and enjoy life. Spend some time outside, even if just five minutes. β€β˜€πŸŽ‰

*Card from the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer

My Beltane Aha! Moment–Beltane 2015

So this past weekend has been full of me trying to really rediscover myself as well as understand some issues that keep cropping up in my life. Mix that in with family drama, the mess that life can be, being sick, and some major changes of self–well I was in a right mess. I knew it had something to do with my perception and felt that I already knew the answer. I later logged onto my Facebook account and was sort of spring cleaning it–unliking no longer relevant pages, groups, and the like before realizing I had some notes on my personal page. One was a schedule from my senior year in high school back in 2009/2010–WOAH! Then I happened upon a note from Beltane 2015 that I’d completely forgotten about and within it was the lesson I was in need of hearing once more. I’ve felt compelled to share it with ya’ll in case you too may be in the same mindset. πŸ™‚

My Beltane Aha! Moment–Beltane ’15

Hope everyone had a wonderful Beltane and if you’re celebrating the entire weekend, then I wish your celebration is full of beauty and love. My Beltane definitely didn’t go as I had planned. Yesterday, 1 May, was also my mother’s birthday and I had a job interview so talk about busy! The night before I’d grown quite restless and perhaps only managed four hours of sleep which only made me very grumpy in the morning. It didn’t help that the grumpy bug had bitten everyone else in the house either. I’d decided because I wasn’t in the mindset for ritual to skip that and instead celebrate in small ways throughout the day which will carry on into today as well. Long story short, it seemed as if everything I had planned yesterday just wasn’t working. Even just watching the sunrise didn’t happen as it was rainy and very dreary–which definitely didn’t help my mood! In fact, my mood didn’t even improve until later that afternoon after my interview. It wasn’t the prospects of perhaps acquiring this job after searching for a while that had made me smile. No, it was something so small that normally is taken for granted.Β 

On my drive back home, I had turned the radio from the usual country station I always have it on to the hip-hop/rap station that I hadn’t really listened to since leaving college. I just wanted to listen to something much more upbeat which would definitely be keeping with the energy of Beltane–even though I didn’t give it a thought at the time! Actually I didn’t even think about it until I realized I was still listening to said station at this very moment! Funny how it works like that at times! However, I digress. As I continued my drive home, I paid attention to the passing fields and yards that, though damp, were lush and green! BAM! In my head popped the four and five of Chalices! The Four of Chalices came to my mind first but as I stopped and thought about it the Five really stood out so I’m going to start with that card and what it taught me yesterday.


To me, the five of chalices typically represents not being fully present in the moment, being detached and unaware, and even oblivious. It’s about not being attentive to a situation (or life in this case) and that around you. As can be seen in the card, the man is only paying attention to the spilled chalices, therefore completely oblivious to the two good ones. He’s instead only choosing to put his focus and energy towards that which 1) is on the more negative side, 2) that which he cannot control, 3) the depressing smaller picture instead of the bigger picture that everything’s alright, and 4) not letting go that which no longer serves him. This really hit me because instead of paying attention to the beauty around me, the joy of it all, I was only choosing to focus on a small part of the big picture. I was choosing to instead focus on the negative side of things–the rain, the attitudes, the lack of sleep, etc. I was completely missing the BIG picture! For one, we really need the rain as without rain nothing can grow. Two, everyone has bad days but it’s how you decide to handle them that counts. Instead of grumbling and feeding that grumpy, moody energy I needed to take a few deep breaths and just say a few things I was grateful for as that is an instant mood lifter in my opinion. It really makes you thankful for every day you’ve been blessed with. Going back to the rain, looking at the green earth I realized just how much it contrasted with the dark, gray sky which in turn made everything seem greener and beautiful. On sunny days, though I am aware of the green surrounding me, I definitely don’t appreciate it as much as I should. This allowed me to focus instead on that appreciation and wonder that comes from nature. This card really reminded me of choosing where I focus my attention and energy.


The other card was the Four of Chalices. This card was the first that floated–not floated, more like bolted!–into my mind. This card is sort of similar to me as the one above in that it’s about not paying attention. It’s about missing out on an opportunity because you are solely focused on the situation or even the future. Paying attention will allow you to be aware of the opportunities and blessings surrounding you. Instead of worrying about what’s to come (as the Chalices are in front of and not next to the person), look around, be fully present, and open yourself to the Universe who will provide what you need. This card stuck out to me as I’d been very much worried about the future with my bills, going back to school, and the long term accomplishments I’d be able to achieve with this job if I get it. Of course it’s always a good idea to make some sort of goals and a list of what you want to accomplish but sometimes we get so wrapped up in that worry and anxiety that we don’t pay attention to the now. This is the only moment guaranteed. How are you spending it? I was constantly in the mindset of the future that I wasn’t paying any attention to the here and now. This reminded me to slow down, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the moment now. I’d even become stressed and frustrated with how I wanted to celebrate Beltane throughout the day instead of simply sitting with the energy of the day, with the God and Goddess, and just enjoying life! I was so angry that my day wasn’t going according to plan that I wasn’t allowing the day to unfold as it should. I was to focused ahead that I was almost rushing through those small moments of celebration that I did do because to me they weren’t what I thought of as celebration.

This was my little aha moments for the day and remembering that I’ve got to stop and smell the roses which even goes with the energy of Taurus. Everything is connected and works together, we just have to stop and allow the present to penetrate our spirit and by doing that, we are in constant celebration.


I hope this lesson I learned may be helpful to some of you as I feel we can have the horrible tendency to allow the little things to ruin our perception of the day when there is so much to be joyous of–so much to celebrate! We also need to remember that we need to be fully present in each moment–allowing ourselves to pause and really enjoy life. ❀

Blessed Beltane and Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


Update and Themes for Jan. and 2017!

Good morning, everyone! I hope ya’ll had a very wonderful Yule/Winter Solstice, Christmas, Chanukkah, and New Year’s! (Regardless of what you celebrate, I just hope you had a FABULOUS one!) December is one of my favorite months-my most fav being October!-but it’s by far the busiest as we all rush to finish last minute tasks for the holidays! Mine was good though I managed to chip half of my front tooth away, leaving me looking like a four year old who lost a tooth! Hopefully I can get to the dentist to get that fixed. I’ve recently begun a full time job which is why I was incapable of writing a post for last Sunday. Yes, I know today isn’t Sunday either but this warms you up for my awesome next blog post! πŸ˜‰

Though life has gotten busy, I enjoy it. I’d fallen into a bad rut the past several years and 2017 has already proven to be way busier. Bring it on! I am so relieved the new year is here and being a 1 in numerology–it’s all about new beginnings so let’s make it one hell of a year! We gonna slay! As part of this new beginning energy, I do plan on offering tarot readings around March or April so keep an eye out for a post on that one! If you follow my Card of the Day posts and have become aware there haven’t been any posts in quite some time–my phone broke and I’m working on returning to those in a different manner. Just hang tight. I haven’t forgotten! (Promise!)

With this being the new year, I chose a theme for 2017 which is Joy. I intend on bringing as much joy into my life as possible and keep that within my awareness. This means learning to say “no” to things I don’t want to do and stop people pleasing as that brings no sense of joy to my spirit. More time in nature and walking. More yoga. More healthy food. More schooling (yes, I’m a nerd). More painting. More Magick. More being me. Sounds good, right? It’s still the first week of 2017 so take some time to reflect on what your theme is going to be for 2017. Choose a word to sum it up. If you feel compelled to, share it below in the comments! I’d love to see what others plan on invoking this year!

Speaking of themes, you’ve noticed I’ve decided on having a theme each month for my blog. November was Gratitude and Magick, December was Christmas as a Pagan, and January’s theme is….drum roll, please…Simple Magick. That’s it. Bringing the magick back down to earth and making it more intention filled instead of prop filled. We tend to forget that simple acts of magick can be quite powerful as its the intention that’s important. The Focus. This theme will probably crop up more than once as I think it’s a very important topic to acknowledge but I promise you won’t grow bored! At least, not if I can help it. : )

I hope ya’ll had a wonderful holiday season! Let me know your theme for 2017 in the comments below and don’t forget:Β I’m open to questions! You can either leave them in the comment section below or email me.

Thanks, ya’ll!

The Autumn Witch


Card of the Day-6 December 2016


Card of the Day
2 of Pentacles
Balance is key in life but can be a struggle as we begin to juggle our priorities and needs. I suggest focusing on where you are putting your energy and decide is it necessary? Is it worthwhile?  Is it something that brings you joy or are you only going through the motions, just like this guy who appears very uninspired. Maybe you believe your balancing your life and your wants vs your needs, and maybe you actually are, but regardless today is good for examining that. πŸ™‚ 
(Rider-Waite deck)