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Card of the Day-10 June 2017

Card of the Day
The Altar Priestess Reversed

This full moon was very illuminating in regards to where we should be going, our IMG_20170610_090359_614direction, and how to focus towards your goal. Something may have been realized last night that was surprising or maybe something which has been known yet not taken action towards. The reason why may be varied but we are being reminded not to lessen our light in this world. We all have a purpose to serve. Also, a priestess understands and utilizes her intuition so pay attention to your own. You aren’t crazy.
Have courage and know thyself. Be ready to walk in your true path and work towards your true purpose in life. 🌕🔮🙏✨

*Card is from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realm by Colette Baron-Reid

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

New Moon Spell Check

Not too long ago I discovered CharmingPixieFlora’s Esbat Activities and she mentioned a thing called a New Moon Check where at the New Moon phase you take a check and write it out for the amount you really need–not just want–and fill it out just as you would a regular check with the note section being filled with what the money would be used for. The name for the check is your name and it is signed the Abundance of the Universe. Hmmm….I wasn’t too sure it would work but decided to do it anyway. I was desperate for some money for a bill that HAD to be paid soon. I didn’t have a job and had been searching for months.

I ensured the moon wasn’t void of course the night I decided to do it. I asked the Goddess of Abundance and the God of Abundance to be with me in my circle and invited the element and elemental of earth too. To me, the elemental that appeared was a fairy 🙂 I asked them to please help me with my spell.

The items I needed were: a blank check (I don’t have a checkbook so I googled a new moon abundance check and found one online that I printed for this spell), a pen, green felt precut and glued to form a sort of pocket to hold everything, and cinnamon sticks, basil, and mint. I also added peridot chips. Green to me means money. I definitely added to the video’s spell but whatevs lol.

I filled out the check with the money I needed–no more than that–and as I did I visualized myself paying the bill. I could feel the money in my hand and the sense of relief from no longer having that burden looming over me. I folded it up with the intention that as I folded the paper I was sealing that desire. I placed it into the pouch then the herbs and peridot after holding each one and explicitly telling it what I wanted. I always reimagined my outcome as I placed the item in. Once I had everything in the pouch, I held it between my hands and I envisioned and felt the God, Goddess, and elemental lending their powers to my spell. Once the power was raised, I released it to the Universe and kept the pouch in my purse for safe keeping. Every time I thought about it or touched it, I reaffirmed my desire.

Later on I received a phone call for a job interview and was excited. By then I’d completely forgotten about the spell. I was hired and my first check was a bit more than what I needed! As I paid my bill, I found the pouch that I’d stuck in a side pocket that I never used and was like woah! I immediately thought about when I got hired and looked it up. It was a day after the full moon! I sent a prayer of thanks to the Divine before I released the spell and discarded it after I dissembled it.

I definitely was one of the best spells I’ve ever done 🙂

The image that is featured comes from the following site, should you decide to print it off to use. http://www.ifthebroomfits.com/new-moon-magick-abundance-checks/

I’ve had great success with this spell hence why I decided to share it. What are some quick simple spells you cast for money? If you try this spell, let me know how it turned out. I love hearing about your experiences.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch