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Card of the Day-6 June 2017

Princess of Cups with 5 and 6 of Cups

The truth is that we are always going to have moments that test our patience, our temperaments, our emotions. This a part of life but just as a lotus is shown, we must rise above the mud and the muck. It is through these very moments we are able to choose to be wiser, kinder, and better–thereby becoming the lotus arising from the mud. Its a deeper sense of awareness that external catalysts don’t have to ripple across our peace IMG_20170606_065604_372within. This is what the fish is saying for today. Fish can be adaptable, dig deep at the subconscious, It’s about wisdom. This seems the theme for today. Wisdom of knowing that while there are always going to be trying times, conflicts with others, or actions which plague and pluck at our emotions, we are capable of rising above with a sense of awareness, understanding, wisdom, and grace (the swan energy). We are coming into our own emotional power, refusing others to steal away our peace and happiness. From stealing away any bit of our power.

In truth, we wouldn’t be fully grateful for the good moments if we didn’t experience the sour ones as well. Sometimes the bad moments seem daunting and overwhelming–as if we will never be capable of overcoming them–but this is what fear does. It puffs up the situation to appear much more terrifying than what it truly is. Don’t give in to fear. Face it with understanding within your heart and even a sense of gratitude for the learning experience.

You may be tested with these very sorts of moments today–whether it be from an event that takes place or from people. Don’t sweat it. Just remember to breathe and if needed, call upon either fish or swan energy for today. Turtle is about persistence so don’t allow yourself to be stopped–keep pushing forward. You are capable of achieving all that you hope. Allow yourself to remain centered and calm with your emotions balanced, in check, and controlled. Don’t give away your power.

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Card of the Day-23 May 2017

Card of the Day:
The Camel Boy 🐫 reversed

Today is all about the pause. What do I mean about that? Before we do anything we mustIMG_20170523_112224_756 first think of it. Imagine it. Before there is action, there is a slight pause that is expansive and full of potential. This would be were emotions are stirred up which makes it a powerful moment (regardless of how short). Relish in this pause. Allow yourself to experience it. Use it as a springboard for enthusiasm, motivation, and excitement. This is also the place in which fear arrives but that isn’t bad. Wanna know why? Fear makes our trust and desire stronger. With fear we have to trust even more in ourselves and the outcome. Tell me that isn’t beautiful!  It doesn’t have to be only for all things magick but mundane as well. Remember life is magick.

*Card from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-22 May 2017

Card of the Day
5 of Swords

Some caution is best given today as tensions may rise. Arguments or disagreements you IMG_20170522_080818_019thought were over may reappear. Try to stay grounded and centered and not allow your temper to boil. Tact, caution, discernment, and awareness are key today. *From Rider-Waite Deck


Emotions, Manifestation, and the Witch’s Pyramid

Witch's Pyramid

To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent—these are the four cornerstones of the Witch’s Pyramid which is an integral part of both magick and manifestation. Much like a recipe each element must be present otherwise success is very low or nonexistent. Perhaps someone will get lucky and manifest a desire a couple of times without following all four of these sides but often it won’t happen continuously. Each part corresponds to an element upon which our magick must equally be balanced and built upon as everything within the universe is comprised of the five elements. I say five because I do count Spirit as one as it permeates everything in life. It’s the life within all.

We call it a pyramid though it really is represented as a star, the pentagram, which makes more sense given that it’s our religious symbol. That is why pictured above is a star and not a pyramid. It’s not a mistake. Promise. Let’s return to the elements and the correspondences for just a moment as this isn’t the point of the post but instead a side note (though a very important one at that!). To Know belongs with Air which makes sense as air relates to communication, knowledge, and thinking. We must have knowledge and learn on this practice. While intuition is great and ought to be used, we must also read to learn more about something before attempting to perform it. Of course, knowledge isn’t only gleaned from the printed page but regardless of how one learns, the point is one must.

Next, we turn to To Will. Most books and people would say this corresponds to Fire which while I understand the reasoning, it doesn’t sit well with me. Instead I think of it as Water. Why? Simply put, our emotions (ruled by water) are what cause us to desire something and it is through our desire that we will it into being. Before we even take any sort of action, we must possess an emotional response, an investment, in what it is we’re manifesting otherwise there’s no fire to it. There’s no need. I think we first think it then must involve our emotions. We have to feel it within before we can even begin to take actions towards obtaining it. This was actually the goal of the post—to discuss emotion and manifestation so I’ll return to it in just a moment.

Instead let’s continue to To Dare. This is where water is traditionally labelled but to me daring is all about courage and the fire within. You must truly find your inner strength and force to step forward towards your goal. Maybe I just picture a group of ancients around Yule alongside their bonfires and torches asking if you dare traverse the longest night of the year so that you may arise again. Regardless, daring to me is just something so fiery and primal that I can only decide fire for it.

Lastly, To Be Silent is earth. This is probably one of the hardest aspects for the new witch but there’s a reason to it. Some people say another as well. To begin with, the new witch may be bursting with giddiness or excitement and want to tell some of their friends and/or family. However, they may not be as excited and in fact could even work to negate your work—without even realizing it! Some people state that this also stems from the Burning Times when speaking about your craft could even become a death sentence and land a witch with the witch hunters. Earth is stable and secure which when you have enough belief and a firm enough foundation then you’re secure within your own work. This could lead one to not even feel the need to blab as sometimes insecurity or worry is why some feel the need to talk to another to figure out where they went wrong.

Now that we’ve covered the Witch’s Pyramid, which encompasses all magick, we can turn to the emotional investment that I was speaking about earlier. Have you ever tried to manifest anything only to have it completely flop? Going back, was your heart in it? Were you emotionally invested? We have to feel something for what we’re trying to attract—it creates a specific vibration—which helps send that out into the universe. We have to feel excitement, love, joy, bliss, or something like that. Without emotions is there really a desire? Would you care about the outcome? Your emotions are what charge the spell. That’s why there are some witches who say that if a need is great (which means you’re emotionally invested) then it doesn’t matter whether the moon’s in the right phase. If you’re strapped for cash and have a bill come in then I can guarantee you’ll have an emotional need to charge your spell. While all sides are important, I think this is one that some people could overlook—especially people who just want to do spells because that’s something witches do. They then get mad when the spells flop without realizing that their hearts and need were absent.

The next time your magick seemingly flops, ask yourself was your heart in it? Did you really need it? Did you really want it?

Remember: don’t hold too tight to it which being too emotionally invested can do. There has to be a balance and if you seek to control everything because you’re so invested then it won’t pan out. You’re not allowing the universe room to bring you something potentially much better. 🙂

Brightest of Blessings and Happy Manifesting!

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-19 April 2017


Knight of Chalices Reversed and Queen of Swords (Jumper)

As the sun moves from fiery Aries, which gave us that spark for life and action once more, to the earthy and stable Taurus, we will find ourselves becoming more grounded. We aren’t as quick to jump into action but instead must ensure there is an emotional desire to our actions. We can have all the energy, will, and I can attitude but unless there is an emotional investment (a desire within) then it isn’t an inspired action. If you’re having trouble manifesting something in your life, assess what emotions it invokes within you? Is there even an emotional response?  Remember emotions create our need, our desire, our want and is an important part of the witch’s pyramid.

Cards from the Rider-Waite deck.

Take some time today to really feel and delve into your emotions to discover what it is your heart truly desires.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-14 February 2017


Card of the Day

8 of Chalices

Well, interestingly enough we had this card earlier this week as well. Maybe there was some work left undone or work we perhaps weren’t ready to deal with at the time? Either way, now’s just as good as any. Reflect today on emotions and feelings that you may have been holding onto and suppressing so that you may finally be able to release them. Given today being Valentine’s Day, take a look also at past relationships, past heartaches and breakups to see how they may be still effecting your vision of love and relationships. It’s time, My Darling. Let those old feelings that no longer serve you go. Release them so that you may allow new feelings, experiences, love, and relationships into your life. 💕

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! May your day be filled with love and joy!

From the Rider-Waite Deck.

Card of the Day-11 February 2017


Card of the Day

8 of Chalices reversed

Undoubtedly, if your full moon experience was anything like mine was then loads of emotions came flooding to the surface, illuminating any hidden shadows and issues we may have been facing. There were emotions coming out of the woodwork for me that I hadn’t even realized I was still struggling with! We may be ready to jump into action to clear these emotions today but we’re being guided to not leave them behind just yet. Not to move on. Instead, we are being guided to sit and stay with them so that we may fully understand them and how they began from the start. Only with a full set of knowledge may we be capable of releasing them. I’ll be meditating and reflecting on mine today then using the residual moon energy tonight to release them and embrace the change I want.

From the Rider-Waite deck