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Card of the Day-8 Feb. 2017


Card of the Day

Love is the highest and purest vibrational frequency there is. In Spirit, there is only love. It is ego which pulls us down and away. Are you loving enough? Are you allowing yourself to love? This doesn’t only need be the  intimate love of lovers but also extends to our family, our friends, our community, our country, and to the world as a whole. Do you love your fellow brothers and sisters? The past several months have been plagued with anger, envy, indignation, and much heated debates. While our outrage may be justified, try shifting your thoughts from anger and hate towards those who are in the wrong to simply love for those you are trying to protect. You can still be furious and fight to protect others’ rights but try shifting your focus on love. Your anger stems from the love you have from your fellow brothers and sisters.

From the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer


Card of the Day-24 Dec 2016

Card of the Day

Whale (Breach)
Have the holidays been leaving you feeling drained, stuck, or even uninspired? Perhaps even bored? We need to breach those feelings by allowing ourselves to take a break and shake up our surroundings. Don’t just recline in your easy chair but go somewhere new or do something new. A change in environment is just what is in order to breach such feelings. 

From the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer
Brightest of Blessings and Merry Christmas Eve,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-21 Dec 2016

Card of the Day

Fire (Passion)
During this time of year its easy to feel down and just disconnected. Though we are preoccupied with parties and getting ready for the holidays, we can still succumb to feelings of disinterest and depression. The Fire card reminds us to find what brings us alive. What lights that inner spark and inspires you? When we are passionate it’s easier for us to remember that we’re alive! We tend to be happier and wanting to enjoy all that life has to offer. Today is the first day of winter which is a holy day for Pagans as they celebrate the rebirth of the sun God. As we bring His light into this season of darkness, this reminds us that we must also rekindle our own flame–our own inner light. 

I challenge you today to find what brings you alive? What are you passionate about? Find ways to bring that into your life more! Especially during this time of year when we can suffer from the seasonal blues. 

Have a wonderful day and a very blessed Winter Solstice! 

(From the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer)

Brightest of Blessings! 

The Autumn Witch