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Card of the Day-22 Dec 2016

Card of the Day

8 of Wands
If you needed to tie up lose ends or finish a project then today’s a good day, my friend. There’s a swift moving toward completion which is nice as December is beginning to draw closer to the end as well as this being the second day of Yule which is a good time for purification. This is a fast-moving energy so any creative ideas or endeavors are best undertaken. There’s a newfound inspiration in us which may have been triggered by the Winter Solstice-mine was! 😊

Card of the Day–4 December 2016

Card of the Day

2 of Wands
We tend to forget that our thoughts have a significant impact on our lives and experiences, especially during this time of year when everything becomes hectic and busy. We can definitely feel the Lord of Misrule which isn’t necessarily bad as that being forced from the norm and from our comfort zones is what allows growth and inspiration. Today, reflect on where your thoughts are going as they attract so much of what you experience and understand that from the chaos comes new creativity. Find something that inspires you as our passions are sources of joy in our lives. Happiness leads to brighter thoughts and its these thoughts we want to project out into the Universe. So, today take a few moments to check in and notice where your thoughts are directed then try to find something to shift them so thay we may find balance in our lives. ❤
(Card is from the Rider-Waite deck)