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Card of the Day-8 Feb. 2017


Card of the Day

Love is the highest and purest vibrational frequency there is. In Spirit, there is only love. It is ego which pulls us down and away. Are you loving enough? Are you allowing yourself to love? This doesn’t only need be the  intimate love of lovers but also extends to our family, our friends, our community, our country, and to the world as a whole. Do you love your fellow brothers and sisters? The past several months have been plagued with anger, envy, indignation, and much heated debates. While our outrage may be justified, try shifting your thoughts from anger and hate towards those who are in the wrong to simply love for those you are trying to protect. You can still be furious and fight to protect others’ rights but try shifting your focus on love. Your anger stems from the love you have from your fellow brothers and sisters.

From the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer


Card of the Day-12 Dec 2016

Card of the Day
You may find today to be trying but just remember to have patience and keep on moving. Courage and confidence are two big contenders here but with this fiery, masculine energy also comes the need to remain compassionate and aware of others. By combining this kindness with your own inner  bright self are you truly balanced. It takes a wise leader to have this strength.


“Compassion doesn’t weaken leadership, it makes it stronger.” -Rudy Giuliani

(Rider-Waite deck)

Brightest of Blessings, 

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day–30 Nov 2016

Card of the Day

The High Lady of Love and Compassion (Reversed)

Pause and take a look at the motives and intentions behind your actions. Are they being fueled by love (by Spirit) or instead by Ego? Sometimes its difficult to discern which is which but with a little introspection and a good dose of honesty, we can uncover the truth. Perhaps you aren’t being as kind to others or yourself as you ought to be. Perhaps you are being too kind which can be just as bad. We must search for that delicate balance between being kind and compassionate and being able to say no. So I implore you to take a step back and analyze what position you are coming from and remember you can shift that.  Just be gentle towards yourself and others–nurture, not coddle. ❤

*from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Card of the Day–20 Nov 2016

20161120_100912-1Everything is connected and a part of Spirit. When we fail to recognize this do we feel separated, lost, or even questioning and through this separation do we begin feeling anger, bitterness, resentment, etc. However, if we recall this interconnectedness then that illusion of being separate lifts.The highest vibration is love which connects us to Spirit completely. Love for ourselves, our friends, family, fellow country (world)men, nature, and  Mother Gaia.

In the U.S. right now there is a giant rift that has divided people since the election and its easy getting caught up in differences and opinions and while we must continue fighting against hate, we must also love our countrymen as they too are from Spirit. It’s like my grandpa used to always say, “Love their spirit but hate their ways”. I know how difficult this is as I’ve had friendships end during this election season, arguments have erupted, and nothing is worse–or as far from Spirit and Love–than acting righteously. Act from a place of love for All-That-Is instead of our of fear, hate, or anger. This also includes to yourself.


(The card is from Earth Magic by Steven Farmer)

Brightest of Blessings and my love,

The Autumn Witch