Card of the Day-5 June 2017

Today’s Card of the Day is the Ace of Cups reversed with two other cards to clarify: The Star and Queen of Disks (Pentacles). IMG_20170605_044624

We want to heal the world and certainly could agree that it is in need of it. Every day we are bombarded by images and stories of destruction, fear, hate, ignorance, and intolerance. This is unbearable, especially for an empath or healer. We want to spread light into the world. We want to help. However, we can’t spread anything from an empty cup which is bound to happen when we allow ourselves to become drained. We invest so much of our time and energy into these stories and our mission that we forget we must care for ourselves as well. It’s only practical. Before we can share our light, we must be in control of our bodies and selves. Take time to refill your own heart with light. Do something that brings you joy. Go for a walk, paint, dance, play with a pet. Anything to recharge your own heart chakra so that you may be the luminous healer and lightbearer you were meant to be.

This is going to perhaps be the running theme for a bit as this certainly isn’t a quick fix sort of issue. So how can we possibly hope to accomplish this besides fueling our own IMG_20170605_045902joy? I pulled an oracle card for guidance and had one jump out as well. The meaning was more than spot on and I almost gasped when I saw it because duh, why didn’t I think of that?! The actual card pulled actually had me laughing because it took me a moment. So, the card pulled was Full Moon (Completion) which confused me because I didn’t get the completion part. I realized this card was being literal and referring to the Full Moon which is on the 9th. It’s a time to set intentions, release what is no longer serving us, and do manifestation magick. The jumper was Rainbow (Blessings). We can recharge ourselves by counting our blessings each and every day since gratitude raises our vibrations. However, it would seem that this Full Moon is particularly important to do so.

Be grateful for what is right and good in the world, set some intentions, recharge yourself, do some TLC, ignite your passions so that you may spread more light into this world so that we may be healed and whole again.


*Tarot Cards are from the Thoth Deck which I am loving more and more! Oracle Cards are from the Earth Magic Oracle Deck by Steven D. Farmer.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Get To Know Me-32 Facts/Confessions

Get to know me

I’ve recently seen people confessing or sharing facts about themselves on a myriad of different forums and thought it seemed like a great idea! Ya’ll read my blog, follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, yet I doubt I’ve really shared anything about who I am as a person and a witch. So yes, I am jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Here are 32 Facts/Confessions about me. (I’m unsure why 32 but it was a number that came to me!)

  1. I’m from a very small country town in Virginia that will always be home.
  2. I very much dislike city life.
  3. I am fluent in Spanish, passable in French, and have taken classes in Japanese and Biblical Hebrew as well.
  4. I originally went to college to become a Spanish teacher but am not studying to become a paralegal.
  5. Over the years I have increasingly become interested and passionate about the law and politics. This has led to the vast postings on my personal Facebook page that are of a political nature which have caused my brother to promise he would unfriend me if I kept it up. (We share the same views but it isn’t so inclined to read about it frequently.)
  6. I’ve been creatively writing since the 6th grade and one of these days will publish a book–I must first overcome my fear of not being good enough!
  7. I’m a very silly, spontaneous, and wacky woman who will burst into song without reason, do a small dance when I am eating (I am a BIG Foodie!), and even allow myself to do ridiculous things to get a few laughs from family and friends.
  8. I am the eldest of three siblings though my brother is much taller–thereby appearing much older.
  9. I love to sing and was a part of the school choir from 6th-12th grade.
  10. I hope to work for an immigration law firm in the future.
  11. I have been to two countries–Nicaragua and Canada though my list is quite long of places I’d like to go.
  12. I do not remember the exact shade of brown my hair naturally is.
  13. I love Christmas carols and will listen to them all year round!
  14. I am terrified of ghosts but love shows like Ghost Hunters. I have a hard time sleeping at night but I cannot stop watching!
  15. I have also had some scary experiences with spirits.
  16. I have believed in the Gods and Goddesses, magick, witchcraft, and wicca since I was a young girl.
  17. The pantheon I first was interested in and knew to be real was the Greek pantheon. My favorite Goddess was Artemis.
  18. I love Christmas though I’m sure it helped it was never religious for my family. We celebrated Santa’s visit.
  19. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, new books, lemon, musk and think the crunch of gravel under a tire is the best sound in the world.
  20. I have a phobia of tornadoes. Like full panics whenever there’s a severe thunderstorm.
  21. Ironically, my favorite film as a child was Twister.
  22. I have been homeless. This was when I was at my lowest spiritual point ever–including magickally. I completely understand when people talk about feeling an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair. I have been there. This was also when I learned I had codependency issues big time!
  23. I am a Leo sun sign, Taurus moon, and Aquarius ascendant.
  24. I forever ship Dramione–Draco and Hermione.
  25. I credit Harry Potter with my going to college. I hated reading and profusely refused to until those books were published. I became enthralled and began reading avidly. I don’t think I would’ve achieved high marks in school without that love of reading instilled from the series.
  26. I loved Twilight when it first came out but cringe at it now.
  27. I love covering my hair. It makes me feel beautiful and capable of closing off the world for a while. It centers and refocuses me on myself.
  28. I was converting to Judaism before I refound Paganism and Wicca. I still miss it like crazy because I had so many wonderful and beautiful experiences there.
  29. The minions are my absolute favorite thing ever and I even have a minion piggy bank–it’s supposed to be Bob but his eyes are not different colors.
  30. I am such a fan of Disney movies and cartoons. I get so sick of sex, drugs, alcohol, and the other things you constantly are bombarded with in regular programming.
  31. My absolute favorite movie is The Prince of Egypt. I have loved it ever since I was little and in fact, my grandmother had bought me a storybook that followed along with the movie. The Exodus is my favorite part of the Bible which makes me feel very conflicted due to my frequent workings with the Egyptian pantheon.
  32. These past few years have been my hermit years as I’ve sort of closed myself off to others with a shift of focus into my own being, my own spirituality, my own life path. I now am getting lonely and seeking and outside community to connect with.

I didn’t think I would have much to share. Holy crap, 32 facts?! However, I could’ve still kept on going so that’s awesome! I hope ya’ll enjoy getting to know me a bit more and comment a few facts about yourself! I would LOVE to get to meet you as well! 🙂


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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Card of the Day-2 June 2017

Ace of Wands Reversed

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…20170602_000146-1

Actually, no. This card’s meaning for today would be more like the Hokey Pokey–Put your left foot in…put your left foot out…There’s hesitation and a lack of movement forward. It’s as if once a new breakthrough occurs, a new opportunity, desire, or goal, we immediately backtrack. There’s the chance for progress yet we are too afraid of the change or unknown that we refuse to move. This is only wasting valuable fire energy, My Friends. We may have doubts, fears, worries about the situation. What if I’m not good enough?! Whatever the reason, something is hindering our progress and most likely it’s us. We are squandering our potential!

Check yourself. Clear out the bullshit you’ve been feeding yourself and learn what it is that keeps your from continuing forward. Change is a constant and while scary, it’s only once we leave our comfort zone that we begin to grow and transform as a person. Reassess your goals, dreams, values, and motivations. What drives you forward? What keeps you going? Why did you want to do whatever it was in the first place? Recall that reason and really feel it in your heart. Allow your reason to consume you. Understand that you may be complaining of a lack of growth, change, movement, etc. however, it’s already there. Evaluate whether subconsciously you are the one hindering yourself.

I know this is blunter than I would normally explain but this card really pulls a major punch for me right now. It’s shouting, “YOU ARE IN YOUR OWN WAY! IN THIS MOMENT, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!” Sometimes we need that stern talking to and this is a similar case. Don’t let yourself be the reason you don’t move forward. Don’t take a step forward, only to withdraw back. This isn’t the Hokey Pokey, My Friends. You need to keep moving forward–at least right now.

*Card is from the Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-1 June 2017

Support, Passion, and Archangel Michael

Life gets hard. It’s messy, tough, fun, and overall beautiful. However, it can understandably be difficult to always remain positive, especially in bleak circumstances. I know that.
Today, regardless of whether its a big or small struggle, know you are divinely supported. The Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess are here for you–you need only ask. You don’t have to singlehandedly do everything. Ask for help. Pray and know your words are being heard.
A change in circumstance or environment may be what is best needed. Surround yourself with people who enliven you-not drain. Find joy and bliss in the small things. Allow yourself to feel passionate about something and do it. It doesn’t have to be anything big but something small as lighting a scented candle you enjoy and taking a few moments to bask in the flicker of the flame, dancing in its own joy, while the smell begins to slowly permeate the area.
Above all else, know that the Archangel Michael is always there and will help. Again, all you need do is ask. He is protective and can transmute negative energy. Call to him and ask for help. Meditate on him.
There is a lot of fire energy in this spread so if you are magickally inclined, take some time to invoke and work with fire energy. 💃❤🙏🔥😊

*Cards from the Angel Insight Pack by Christine Astell

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-31 May 2017

Card of the Day (or should I say cards)
Full Moon (Completion) Reversed, 4 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, king of swords reversed.

We are still working towards the manifestation of a goal, perhaps one formed during the New Moon and this card is telling us now is not the time to sit on our laurels. Instead we must now actively work towards bringing our desire into fruition. How? That’s what I IMG_20170531_083938_841asked before drawing the other 3 cards because direction may be needed.
We may finally be in a place of stability–even if but slightly–which makes this a good time to work towards your goal. Remain conservative of your time, money, and energy as they are your greatest assets presently. However, do not become stingy and possessive about money.
Diligent hard work and attention to detail is called upon now. This isn’t a goal that will appear magickally from nowhere. Instead you must roll up your sleeves and get to it.
However, we end with a warning and that is don’t become aggressive. Don’t force anything to happen. If we spend too much energy and effort without necessary breaks and pauses then we can easily burn out. When we force things to manifest we are actually working against them and in fact could cause it to take longer to appear-if at all.
We have plenty of work ahead of us that is the only way this goal will manifest. Now there is a change of stability and circumstance to allow for this to come into reality. However, don’t become possessive, aggressive, or force it. Let it organically come into being.

*Oracle card is from Earth Magic oracle deck by Steven D. Farmer and the tarot cards are from the Rider-Waite deck.

Brightest of Blessings and Happy Manifesting,

The Autumn Witch

Card of the Day-30 May 2017

We’re being guided to finally release all that we’ve been clinging to these past several years. Most of us have the tendency of holding onto the heartache, pain, and betrayal that naturally occurs whenever someone acts against us. Once we’re slighted, we shut down and cut them off. Instead of effectively communicating in an attempt to resolve these issues, we ignore them or may even blow them out of proportion. Are there some 20170530_011508instances in which our anger is appropriate. Yes, but you must release that pain. Forgive. Not for them but for you, Honey. In the words of Tony Robbins, “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.”

Does this mean that you forget and must return to your prior friendship? Hell no! It means loving yourself enough to say “This isn’t my shit and isn’t going to continue plaguing me! I deserve peace, dammit!” The person may not be sorry but that’s okay. Forgiveness doesn’t equal a return. It equals peace. You deserve that higher level of serenity.

Take some time today to breathe and meditate on all (or one at a time of) the transgressions against you. Allow yourself to feel all the pain, betrayal, anger, annoyance, etc. then allow yourself to forgive. If you feel the need to invoke help, do so. Call upon your personal view of Deity, any angels (Raphael would be appropriate), ancestors, etc. Ask for their help and it shall be.

You may even want to forgive yourself for things you hold against yourself. For this I always go one by one and picture the very moment it happened. I see myself as a detached bystander who is merely watching. As the scene plays out before me, I send love to my past self with the intention of forgiveness. I pour love into myself and when I come out of the meditation, I always feel astoundingly better!

Forgiveness isn’t easy in the slightest but it’s necessary if we are to continue growing and moving forward. Don’t allow yourself to become trapped within the past when it’s as simple as a short, “I forgive you.”.

My affirmation: I forgive other’s transgressions against me and release that energy.
Likewise, I ask forgiveness from wrongs I’ve done to others–intentionally or not.

collage-2017-05-30 (1)


**This card is from the Angel Insight Pack by Christine Astell. I don’t use this deck very often–indeed, it’s quite rare, but I was called to use it this time and I am ever so glad I did. 🙂


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Memorial Day and One of My Peeves

Today is a day in which we honor those who have served this country and given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may continue enjoying the freedom we have. People associate Memorial Day with the beginning of the summer travel season, BBQs, Picnics, and overall good times with friends and family and booze–or maybe that last part is just my family. All day I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook that thank these heroes for their service but I must confess that there have been many posts today which have also peeved me. You’ve probably witnessed them too and either ignored them or just didn’t give them much thought which I’m guilty of both with the latter being especially true before I learned the major difference between the two days. Maybe we just don’t really teach about Memorial Day in school as we should or somehow something is getting lost in translation but nevertheless for some reason I found it annoying. Maybe its just semantics.

I’ve seen pictures that people post of their family members who are still alive today who they are thanking for their service along with people who are simply thanking their friends and relatives who are currently serving. Believe me, I am all about giving thanks to those brave men and women! However, it just seems people are confusing Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day which is when we thank those who have served, and those actively serving, who are still living. Memorial Day is about remembrance and remembering those who gave their lives while serving our country. I don’t know why but it does deeply bother me so maybe I need to take some time and reflect on why that is. Besides shouldn’t I be more peeved by those who simply view it as BBQ day or beach day?

Anyways, I do want to express my sincerest and deepest gratitude to all those brave men and women who gave their lives so that I may enjoy the freedom I do today. May their lives never have been given in vain and should they always be remembered. May the Goddess and God bless them.


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Memorial Day


I know this isn’t my normal sort of blog post and I really hesitated in posting it as it sort of seemed petty, if that’s the right word. I just really needed to get it off my chest. I also kept politics and rants off this post because that isn’t the intention behind it.

The featured image, which may or may not be noticeable unless this post is shared is from I do not own it and no copyright infringement was intended.