Litha.Summer Solstice

We are coming upon one of my favorite sabbats–alright, they all are my favorite but each has so much to offer and teach us so how can I possibly choose? (I actually do have an absolute fav but that’s not the point lol.) I won’t lie: I used to HATE summer and the Litha was one of my least favorites. It being too hot and mosquitoes–uh, no thank you! However, last year I was ALL about Litha and I am already getting excited once more!

Because Litha is ONE MONTH AWAY from today (this wasn’t even planned either!) I will be posting a post a week that deal with Litha from now until then. There may be one or two extra–we’ll see how the creative juices flow. 🙂


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch