August Theme–Food Magick

“A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness.” Elsa Schiaparelli

Brightest of Blessings, Everyone! I hope ya’ll had a great Lughnasadh or Lammas, depending on whichever you choose to call it. We have now officially entered the harvest season with the first of the three festivals. I hope you had much to be grateful for and that your harvest will only continue to grow abundant! 😊

This month I have chosen a theme that I thought worked quite well with a harvest season—drum roll please……..FOOD MAGICK! Who doesn’t love food? Honestly, I am such a foodie and can’t believe I’d never thought to do a post about this before. I have the next couple of weeks labelled with a different sort of food in which I will discuss various correspondences as well as some kitchen tips. I don’t know why but I’m really digging this theme as I’m bringing attention to the kitchen, to the nowadays hearth of the home, and with it still technically being the last days of summer with Leo still ruling the sun, it just feels warm and cozy yet dynamic and creative. Ah!!!!!

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Anyways, I will be posting on this blog until my new site is up and running. I’m planning to have it completely published and going by the 21st. I really want it to be how I want before I decide to publish it. You know what I’m saying? Until that time, you can still find my newer posts on this site and don’t forget I am also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I even can now be found on Sound Cloud though as of the 30th of July, I only had one file uploaded. It’s just a short introduction about who I am and how I came upon my path—if you feel so inclined to listen to it.

Also, I ask that you excuse my absence. I didn’t meant to take that long of a break but it was definitely needed as I slowly return back to my previously motivated and inspired self. We all get into those funks where it’s hard to shake it off. Life became hectic and before I knew it days had turned into weeks, and weeks into a month—whew!


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Protecting, Shielding, and Maintaining Your Energy

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One of the biggest issues many empaths and spiritual people face is maintaining positive and high vibrations. We’re constantly being bombarded by negative images, energies, and people via social media, the news, families, friends, and even strangers. We can easily grow overwhelmed and before we know it, our vibes drop and we feel at our absolute WORSE! The most common advice I’ve heard is to drop these interactions, people, whatever is causing you issues in an act of self-care which yes, I totally agree with and have done myself. However, there are times we can’t all follow that advice and then what? Are we simply doomed to just have the positivity sucked from us? Of course not. That’s when it’s most pertinent for us to practice some bad-ass-witchery! 😉 By this I mean stand tall, grounded, shielded, and confident for you know how you can help yourself. Wait…what if someone is new to this path and doesn’t exactly know what works best for them? Worry not, I’m not going to let you stagger in the cold for general ideas. This post is to share with you some of the ways in which I ensure to protect/shield my energy as well as maintain it. Does this mean EVERY day is going to be awesome and positive? No, Darling, because if it were then we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of great days but instead it allows us to remain calm, centered, and grounded in those situations—not as if we’re being swept out to sea in some very choppy, churning waters.

If you have been on your path long enough to know of some things that help you then please feel free to share as the more the merrier! I want this to be a resource for those who are still new. If you’re new, feel free to try some of the following suggestions I use and be sure to let me know how they work for you! So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Ways I Protect/Shield My Energy and Maintain It


  • Shielding
    • This is one you will hear most people talk about because it WORKS. Every morning before you really get your day started, take several deep breaths to focus and center yourself. You may call upon any deity or archangel/angel if you need to. Sometimes I will call upon Archangel Michael. Make sure the bubble goes over your head, engulfs your entire body, and goes underneath your feet.
      • If you are NOT calling upon help, imagine a bubble surrounding you in whatever color you need. I typically go for gold but if I really need some protection (like if I’m traveling), I’ll use red. Blue for healing. Pink for love. I ask that this not only shield me but also bring whatever energy (color) I envisioned into my life. It’s sort of a two for one. If you’re just beginning, imagine a very strong golden bubble and know that nothing can penetrate it. It will protect and shield you from negative energy and only allow the positive into your life. It’s all about intention, my friend.
      • If you ARE calling for help, the color of the bubble may differ. While red is protective for me, whenever I call upon Archangel Michael, the bubble is always blue and still has that protective energy. Just be aware of this if the color comes to your mind isn’t what you would’ve thought.
    • Crystals
      • I LOVE crystals and if you have been following my blog, you may know this by now. 😉 There are some great crystals for shielding and protection like Black Tourmaline (my choice) or Black Obsidian. I sit with the crystal and breathe deeply before reaching my consciousness out to the crystal to ask that it shield me and transmute any negative energy that comes my way. I ALWAYS pair it with a crystal that corresponds with the energies I do want to instead attract like Rose Quartz for love, Tiger’s Eye for protection, or Amethyst for Spirituality. It’s an easy method that I resonate with! I can pocket the crystals, place them in my purse/bookbag, or in a pinch, stick them in my bra! This is very useful for those days where I lack pockets—just don’t forget about them! I can’t tell you how many times I have taken my bra off at the end of the day to have crystals fall out and surprise me!
    • Archangel Michael
      • If I really feel like I need some serious protection or shielding and need it NOW, I call upon the Archangel Michael whom I have a deep adoration towards which hasn’t always been there. To be honest, I never was fond of angels as they represented a religion I was no longer a part of, however I took a leap of faith and bought Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Archangel Michael’s book a while back because it kept calling to me. I am so glad I did. His energy is immediate and powerful! I never doubt him.
      • You can just meditate on him with either a picture or something blue (his color) and seek him out. Pray for his help and know he will respond.
      • If you’re interested in the book, here’s the link: Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Archangel Michael Maintain Your Energy Book. (No, I am not being paid to endorse but LOVE this guide!)
    • Breathing
      • When you find yourself being bombarded by crap, sometimes the best thing is to take three deep breaths. This helps clear the mind and bring clarity. When I find myself growing annoyed, pissed, angry, etc. I do this because it really makes a difference in my energy and state of being.
      • Take three deep breaths through the nose, hold to the count of three, then exhale through the mouth. You should be able to feel the difference.
    • Social Media Free Days
      • There are just days where I literally CANNOT deal with social media at all. While great for connecting and communicating with others, it also is a great platform for bad vibes to come your way. Someone sharing a picture of a gruesome news story, people arguing, or even someone posting something that makes you extremely jealous (comparison is a BITCH!) are all ways that can bring you down. I noticed this was happening to me so I decided to have at least 1 day a week I forgo Social Media (all accounts) and at least once every two months, forgo an entire WEEK! It really can make a difference and the last time I left for the week, I didn’t really want to come back. I scheduled posts on scheduling apps and might reply if I received a notification (depending on what the notification was about). Other than that, nothing. Wanna know how it felt? Freeing! No, seriously, It helped my energy so much because I was limiting ways I could receive vibes that would bring me down.
      • The first couple of hours or days, depending on the length, can be maddening because we have a bad habit of reaching for our phones and checking apps. Don’t do it. Resist. You’ll think yourself later.
    • Remove the stressors
      • The news and politics are things that always trigger me and because I’m a very opinionated individual who pays close attention to politics, it’s a big issue I struggle with. I no longer watch the news at all and limit my news intake. I either unfollow news outlets, put them for no notifications, or skim headlines before reading. I do this across all social media sites and really only ensure I receive the latest weather reports since that’s the most important. I still want to be able to receive some news—just in case something horrific happens in my area and I need to be aware of it. In general, though, it’s out.
      • Friends who I always seem to be miscommunicating with, who seem to always want to argue or frown upon me—they gotta go. If we don’t mesh and click anymore then I don’t care how long we’ve been friends. This can be the most heart wrenching way to ensure I take care of my energy but it is what it is. This includes family members. Personally, my issue is I begin missing them. I was going to give an example but realized that it didn’t serve a point.
      • Certain television shows that I LOVE, like the Real Housewives (don’t judge) can physically leave me feeling drained and even angry at others. There’s just so much fighting that I have had to completely stop watching which can drive me crazy when I see someone post on Facebook about it. Honestly, if it’s lowering my vibes then I don’t need it so I just breathe and continue scrolling. I recently broke this boundary and by the time I watched two episodes I was feeling so drained and annoyed. Nope. Nevermind. If you find a show does this to you then STOP watching it. What purpose is it serving you? Find something instead that makes you laugh and raises your vibes instead! One of my favorites is Whose Line Is It Anyway. They make me laugh so much!
      • If there’s a show that terrifies you then it’s the same thing. WHY subject yourself to that? I loved the show Supernatural but in all honesty, It terrifies me. I would have trouble being alone in my house and therefore, while I love Dean and really wanted to follow his and Sam’s story, I had to stop watching it. I even got rid of my DVD sets and deleted my Pinterest board because it only reminded me of that energy. That fear. No thanks!
    • Fill Your Life With Positivity
      • This may sound cheesy but seriously. Find a podcast that really inspires you or a youtube channel that makes you smile and laugh. Bring art and joy into your life. Do what you must in order to raise those vibes and keep them high. Self-help books, podcasts, and videos are some of the ways in which I do this. I also ensure I watch television shows that are going to make me laugh and won’t show triggering images. I meditate, sing, do yoga, write, and work with crystals. Find things that make you feel joy and love. Things that bring out a joie de vivre.
    • Sticking to my Boundaries
      • The toughest part hands down. We may find ourselves tempted to return to the familiar but these are all acts of self-care which is vital for our well-being and sanity. It serves no purpose to forgo something for a month because it lowered your vibes and made you cranky just to return to doing it. Being firm and having clear cut boundaries is a fantastic way to protect your energy because you re-enforce the fact you aren’t going to allow that sort of energy into your life.
    • Get Out in Nature
      • Nature automatically seems to lift our spirits and vibes which makes this the easiest way to raise our energy and maintain it. Spend 10-15 minutes outside at least once a week and just be. Take your shoes off and connect to Gaia. This is something I’ve done since I was a child that I’d always chalked up to simply despising shoes (which is true) but it’s because it’s grounding. Technically it’s called earthing. Find yourself feeling in a complete funk and just down? Go spend an hour or so at the park. Go hiking or camping. I read somewhere that witches go to nature to heal. This is very true though other people do it without realizing exactly what it is that is therapeutic about it.


If you liked this article, I attached a PDF I created that simply lists these tools and practices out. Each of the above are ways I have found to protect, shield, and maintain my energy. Each one works for me and I share them with you in hopes they will be of use to you as well. Experiment with them. Try one or two for a week. Journal about how you feel and your experiences. Maybe forgo anything for the next week. See if you feel the difference. Choose another tool or practice above. This is such an important aspect of self-care, especially for empaths since we can easily become drained and just down. It’s definitely more than what down implies but I’m unfortunately at a loss for an appropriate word. The problem is without proper shielding methods to protect our energy and block out others’, we end up absorbing their energy as ours. This is why it is so incredibly important.


PDF link: Protecting, Shielding, and Maintaining Energy


What are some ways in which you shield and protect your energy? How do you raise your vibes and keep them high? I would love to hear from you!


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

Desperation in Magick

We’ve all had moments and points in our lives where we become so desperate that we open ourselves to any-and-every thing so long as it removes us from our current situation. Yet most of the times these manifestations won’t pan out very well. I’ve definitely not above this and actually have been doing it for quite some time without realizing that that was precisely what was wrong. That was the reason everything was failing miserably! It was such a profound and awakening experience–though also quite shameful because how did I miss it?!  It’s okay. Sometimes we must learn the hard way and this is no reason to berate yourself.

Whenever we do magick, we’re told to be specific but not so specific that the Universe can’t have some wiggle room. Well, what about leaving everything very open? Case in point, I’d been struggling financially for quite some time and there is so much on that topic that this post could never begin to cover–it has a lot about how I was raised with money and my parents own views of lack. Anyways, I was desperate and knew I had to have a job. How else could I possibly hope to live? There was so much I wanted to do in life but it would all never happen unless I had some green in my wallet.

Therefore, I would send the intention out that I would get a job–any job–and apply to as many jobs as I could find on the internet within close proximity to where I lived. I would get phone calls from fast food joints and retail shops. I never stopped to ponder what sort of job did I really want. I just needed money. I would get the job and then realize after a while that they were using me, worked in perhaps unethical manners, or something else. There was always a reason and for a while, I never did stay long. I was frustrated and annoyed because nothing was fulfilling me. Instead I was being left feeling drained, upset, annoyed, and pissed. One of the fast food jobs sounded amazing and I’d been told we closed at ten p.m. then once I started and was scheduled to close, I discovered that drive-thru (where I was) didn’t close until 11 and that there was only ever two employees and a manager to close–including their busy Friday nights! Instead of leaving about 10:30 as expected, I didn’t leave until 12:20!!

Sitting at home in tears because I felt so upset, exhausted, and pissed, I realized I was continually returning to the same places with the knowledge that they didn’t make me happy. Sure, I love working with people and have no problem in customer service oriented environments. I’m good at dealing with people but these companies were not what I wanted. I was doing magick to successfully procure these positions but not being specific enough. I realized I had to be specific and actually figure out what it is I want from a job, what I’m looking for, etc. Keyword: BE SPECIFIC! Write it down. Put that intention out into the Universe instead of “I’m desperate! Give me anything!” Anything is good enough. I deserve more than just anything.

If you’re having a similar problem (and it doesn’t have to solely pertain to jobs) take a honest look at what you’re sending to the Universe. What frequency and vibration are you maintaining? Try taking time out to create a manifestation list–a list of everything you want to manifest with as much detail as possible. Of course, keep it open so the Universe has some wiggle room but ensure the major points are outlined. Look at it each day. Return to that specific frequency. Maintain it. Most importantly, know you are worth more than what you have been allowing into your life.


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


Astral Sacred Space/Altar:My How-To

Having an altar and sacred space to meditate and do magickal workings is vital for the witch as not only does it help encourage you to continue your practice on a daily basis but becomes a comfortable place where you know you can meet with the Divine to commune and work. Not all sacred spaces contain altars but regardless, all altar spaces could be considered sacred spaces. There are two major types of altars: permanent and temporary. Permanent altars are ideal for me, however they aren’t always the most practical—especially when you live in a house of nonmagickal people as well as those who find your practice and path funny. Sound familiar?

I’ve recently come clashing back to reality with this and for a while was only working with a temporary altar which meets my needs, however finding the space for it can be tricky. Some people use cardboard boxes, the floor, or whatever they need to but I’ve found that with my cats as well as family members, this isn’t necessarily the best option. Plus, my mom gets awful migraines from incense burning so I can only ever do ritual or meditation when she’s out of the house—incense isn’t required but does get me in the mood and state of mind which is why I continue to use it. So then if having a permanent altar is out of the question and a temporary begins to become no good either, what is a witch to do!?

Well, let me tell you what I do as I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! I remember doing an activity on a Wicca 101 book—I’m unsure which one but if I remember, I’ll link down below—in which the exercise was about going into meditation to find your sacred space. This could be a natural place such as by a lake, in a temple, or whatever you were guided to. So this helped create an astral sacred space for me that I knew I could always come back to when I needed to recharge. However, I never thought about doing anything there ritually! Holy Crap! It was as if a choir of angels came from the heavens singing—no, not really but it was an amazing thought. So I went into a meditative state and appeared at my sacred space were I conjured some candles and the tools that were almost identical to the ones I physically have. From that point, I performed my daily devotion just as I would have if I’d been physically doing it, complete with meditation music that I know by heart as I always listen to it. The Gods appeared and seemed to find it an intriguing experience and it was so real that I could smell the incense and feel the space around me. My senses came alive and it was a very beautiful and moving experience.

Think you’d like to give this a try? Here’s a quick little how-to:

  1. Find a place where you can meditate without worry of being interrupted.
  2. If you need to, put on some soft music though I think this could potentially impact your meditation but if it’s needed, go for it!
  3. Begin your meditation however you normally do. For me, I count myself down into Alpha using a technique I learned from one of Laurie Cabot’s books. Set your intention that you are seeking out a sacred space on the astral plane where you may return time and time again without fear.
  4. Let yourself be guided until you find the right spot. This may not be how you imagined or previously thought and that’s okay. Take note of it. The surroundings, any markings, and more importantly how does it make you feel?
  5. Take a seat within this space and reach out to the elements and the Divine. Ask that they be with you whenever you visit this spot. Claim it as your sacred space and know that it will be. You may always return.
  6. Visualize any tools you may need for magick and or ritual, knowing they are there and very much real. Any thoughts or visualizations manifest on the astral plane before the physical world which means that any magick done here should manifest quicker than normal spells.This is when you create your altar in this space and you can always reconjure this altar.
  7. Perform your magick/ritual/devotion as you normally would—cast a circle, invoke the Gods, etc.
  8. Once done, tidy up and give thanks for allowing your use of this space. Thank the Gods, thank the elements, and thank your higher self that led you there.
  9. Slowly return to your body and come out of your meditation as you normally would.
  10. Write about your experience. Describe the place in detail so that you will always be able to picture it within your mind and return with ease.

Note of caution: I wouldn’t rely solely on the astral plane but instead use it whenever a physical altar is unwise. This isn’t because I believe the astral dangerous, though it can be depending on your intention and state of mind when you enter it. I simply believe that we do live on the physical plane and therefore should work here as well. I know, it sounds almost contradictory. If you have the right intentions, don’t travel with any negative feelings or expectations, and properly protect yourself (like a bubble visualization) then you should be fine! 😊


So, what do you do when having an altar is a hassle? Any tips or tricks? Also, if you try this method please share your experience as I’d love to hear them!!!


Brightest of Blessings and happy rituals,

The Autumn Witch

Reconnecting through the Signs

“Listen to the wind, the birds, the sounds of the earth and sky for they are the voices of the God and Goddess.”–The Autumn Witch

Constantly we are searching and seeking the Divine either for connection, support, encouragement, love, insight, or even proof They do exist. While I believe people of all backgrounds and faiths have this deep yearn to connect to their concept of the Creator, I have found that ever since my returning home, as I like to call it, my “conversion”–if you will–to Paganism and Witchcraft, has been fraught with such need for reaffirmation. Just the simple reaffirming that the God and Goddess, the Great Spirit (as I collectively think of Them) are there. Some faiths have buildings were they convene to communicate with the Divine and have books full of inspiration and divinely inspired insight to read and recite. We, as Pagans and Witches, have nature.

Well then, should that not make it far more easier to speak and hear our Deities? Yes and No. We all have hectic days where we’re constantly going from here to there while our minds are preoccupied with to-do’s and mundane necessities that we might eventually find our spiritual practice lacking. This has happened to me far too often and that is a goal for this year–to become more spiritually attuned as well as develop a daily practice that I can keep. From this lack of a daily practice, we become distant from our Gods which only leaves us empty and searching. I’ve noticed that during the winter, when it’s too cold for me to really spend much time outdoors-and actually, most of the time don’t want to go outside!-as well as days that are just too chaotic, I begin to feel even more lost and begin to question my path. I firmly believe this is due to remaining indoors and losing that connection to nature that I had before the onset of winter.

Do you have to have this sudden lack of connection in order to seek? Certainly not, however I do believe, and have personally noted, that it seems to be the more popular time to seek Them out. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that during the Mercury Retrograde I was at my spiritual height for 2016. I was finally shedding the old and embracing my authentic self. However, as soon as Mercury went Direct it was as if the wind got knocked from me and I went spiraling into this depressive, almost numb, sort of state. I felt empty and lacked all motivation for my practice. I began to become overcome by ego and fear–especially fears I’d released at the end of December. They took a hold of me and would not let go! I couldn’t find the Gods! It was as if They were gone! In this state of confusion and isolation, I began to return to my previous religion and it was as if I was stumbling around in a stupor. I had brief flashes of awe and excitement during this excursion, as I shall deem it, but I knew in my mind it was not my path. It no longer served me.

After about two weeks or so, I decided I’d had enough. I was not returning. I was not traveling backwards but would continue with the progression I’d made. I was a Pagan Witch–dammit! (Sometimes I have to be a little firm with myself.) One night, after having watched a video that I thoroughly had enjoyed in regards to my past faith, I was lying in bed about to close my eyes for bed when I had made the decision to pray. Mind you, I’m not much into prayer. Not because it doesn’t work or I’m against it but just because I always ended up missing “prayer sessions” whenever I implemented a prayer regimen, if you will and would scold myself. You know, where you say you’ll pray before bed, before meals, etc. I’m not too good at the whole time-table prayer schedule-or even with altar devotions! I digress. I stated my intention that I was going to pray. At this time, I’d figured I would be praying to God, however as I closed my eyes and folded my hands in front of my chest, I found the words that came to my mind were not addressed to Him but to the Gods and Goddesses I’d previously spoken with.

I named Them each by name-first the Goddesses then the Gods-before addressing the Great Spirit which I believe encompasses Them All as well as any Deities of other faiths. They are all manifestations and aspects of this Great Spirit-this One energy that permeates all. As you can imagine, this was a pretty long list that included Celtic, Greek, and Egyptian Deities. Any that I’d ever felt a connection to. I listed Them, visualizing each and every single one, before beseeching Them to help me find a re-connection to Them. I asked Them to return to my life as I knew this former path was no longer my own. I released this prayer then went to sleep but with more peace in my heart than I’d felt previously.

The next morning I awoke early and left for work. I didn’t give any other thought to the prayer but as I stepped outside, it was silent. Completely still of all people and cars, incredible since I live in a city! The morning air was crisp with just a hint of mist which is always a very mystical and magickal form of precipitation to me. As I began to cross the street towards my car, I heard a crow caw and smiled as a crow, personally, symbolizes magick is afoot. I acknowledged that and continued. Something told me to glance down and there was a worm in the road and I carefully stepped over it. Immediately a small giggle entered my mind as I thought, “All creatures are from Gaia”. Then I noticed some squirrels playing at the tree near my car. It wasn’t until after I had fastened my seat belt and began to pull out that I realized I was receiving exactly what I’d asked for. The God and Goddess don’t necessarily speak with words. We don’t hear loud, booming voices announcing the presence of the Gods. Instead, They speak through signs, through symbols, and through nature.

This taught me a very important lesson-look for the signs. Spirit/The Gods are always speaking but are we listening? Do we brush aside these signs and instead expect only words? Do we open ourselves up to receive such communication? The sight of animals associated with a particular Deity or of our spirit animals can be far greater a sign of communication than even words could! We must listen not with our ears but with our spirit and with our heart. We must shift from the logical part of ourselves and tap into our intuitive and emotional side. It is through this that we will experience the Gods.

If you’re wondering about why I’d willingly returned to a previous faith with the knowledge that it wasn’t for me: I’d discovered it was a deep shadow of mine that I’d never worked with. I’d learned that whenever things weren’t going well or something awful happened in my life, I’d go running back to my previous faith in fear. That can’t go. Fear and being uncomfortable are a part of life and it is through the tackling of them that we are able to progress and evolve.

Returning to my message about the signs, next time you’re feeling disconnected or anything then firstly always go to nature first. This can really ground and connect us. If that doesn’t help then ask yourself, “are you looking for the signs?” I’ve had great inspiration and connection come to me when sitting beneath a tree with the breeze suddenly swirling through the leaves, rustling the words of the Gods than I’ve had sitting inside and praying. Seek Them out, if you must, but remember to listen with more than your ears. Open your heart. Otherwise, you may just miss what it is They are saying. Don’t forget to ask either.

This, my friends, is Simple Magick. How? It doesn’t involve any tools, any trappings, any preparation. It can simply be a prayer followed with observation. Any connection to Spirit is magick in my opinion. I do apologize as this is a very long winded post but it explains not only my absence this month but my renewed vigor for my Craft and my path.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

“We must listen not with our ears but with our spirit and with our heart.”-The Autumn Witch


Sunrise Magick

We awaken every morning and groggily begin our day. We immediately start thinking about the tasks of the day, fight the children awake and to school, ensure we have our morning brew, and just rush through the morning as our day begins. If you’re like me, you even complain about being up and just long to return to your warm bed and those wonderful dreams…Driving to work we may see the sun rising and being in our hurried, frazzled perspective only find it a nuisance as it keeps shining in our windshield. I’m so short that the visors do nothing!

This is our typical morning–for the most part. Agree? Well, think back to the last time you had time to yourself. Maybe you woke up before your alarm and were wide awake. Perhaps you were on vacation and wanted to soak up as much fun and pleasure as you possibly could. Either way, you might have had your morning cup of coffee and did a few minor tasks for the day. But did you watch  the sunrise? Recall the last time you watched the sunrise? What emotions and feelings did it evoke for you? Did it energize you? Give you a morning boost? Maybe that small act helped shift your entire day and allowed you a more positive and spiritually connected day.

Whenever I am able to watch the sunrise, I immediately am overwhelmed and inspired by the beauty and awesomeness of it that I grow completely silent. A smile comes to my lips as I sit quietly, observing. My heart seems to swell up with joy and I attune myself to the solar energies of the morning. I attune to the God–particularly the Boy aspect. Think about it, the sun is fresh and reborn for the day. Each day is a new chance for a new beginning! It doesn’t matter what shit happened yesterday as we have awaken renewed and refreshed. We have a whole new 24 hours (or whatever…I’m horrible at math!) and certainly don’t want to waste it rehashing the past!

Sitting in meditation, I do give thanks for the blessings in my life. If something amazing happened the day before then hell yeah, I’ll say a huge thank you! I just don’t like dwelling on the negative crap–which believe me, I am fully capable of doing! I give thanks then breathe. Those couple of deep breaths really help center myself and allow me to focus in on myself and my spirit. I can figure out how I feel and how it is the sunrise has left me feeling. What impressions did it give? By this point, I usually feel invigorated and begin setting my intentions out for the day while my eyes are closed and my face basking in the new day’s light. What an incredible feeling it gives you, my friends. That is Simple Magick. That small ritual, that little meditation, is immensely powerful and one of the most potent mood lifters while connecting you spiritually! When I feel a little exhausted or frustrated or whatever, I simply close my eyes and revision that moment. I feel the sun wash back over me and it does help.

I implore you to watch the sunrise sometime this coming week and journal about your experience. What sort of correspondences and magickal intentions did it seem to have? How did it make you feel? Did any Deities come to mind? How did it help your day? How did it spiritually and magickally assist you that day? If you feel inspired to, comment your experiences! I’d love to hear some sunrise magickal experiences from others.


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch





Waiting in ridiculously long lines at the store, battling with pre-holiday traffic, and being constantly bombarded by ads for products that most of us don’t even need can make being present and remaining not only mindful but grateful almost impossible. Tempers rise, arguments are started over trivial matters, and some of us even seem to forget our entire vocabulary except for some very choice words. We want nothing more than to purchase our stuff and get home so we can finally relax–or at least attempt to. How then can we possibly even hope to return to a place of gratitude?

Returning to this state of mind and vibration is simpler if we start our day as such. Upon waking up, and before you even begin to stir for the day, mentally list three things you’re grateful for. It isn’t necessarily enough to list but you must also feel gratitude. Feel it lift your vibrations. Your list could be as simple as you wish so long as you mean it. This not only allows you to keep this vibration but also lets the Universe know that you are thankful for what you’ve been given and the Universe will send more to you.

I’ve found performing daily devotions has also allowed me to maintain my positive mind and grateful vibration as I’m always thankful to have found the right path for myself. To have a connection to my Deities is a blessing as I never connected with the Deity of my former religion. A daily devotion doesn’t have to be long, arduous, or complex. It can be as simple as lighting a candle and offering some incense to your choice of Deities. The two biggest things to keep in mind are intention and allowing yourself enough time to really connect. It isn’t going to do a whole lot of good to just light a candle and incense and head off to do what you need to do. Take a few minutes and immerse yourself in the moment. I’m not saying you must spend twenty minutes as this can all be done in five minutes. Be present and allow yourself to connect to your Deities for a few moments. Ground and Center yourself beforehand as that helps.

Deep breathing throughout the day is very helpful as well. Whenever you begin feeling annoyed, overwhelmed, stressed, or whatever, step back and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. You can make it a point that whenever you do this you must also mentally list two or three things you’re grateful for. I’ve done that and it can help keep everything in perspective which is much needed during those times! We can become so immersed and absorbed in our emotions and the turmoil and chaos around but it’s impertinent that we find a way to rise above it. Deep breathing and mental gratitude lists are but only two ways in which we are capable of doing that.

Simple other actions like saying a quick prayer of thanks before eating is another way in which to keep this state of mind throughout the day. So, we’ve seen starting the day with gratitude to maintaining it throughout the day and now we end the day with either journaling or another mental list. Personally I prefer the journaling approach but if you prefer the latter, simply mentally list five or so things or keep going until you drift to sleep. As I said I prefer journaling as it also allows me to release everything that happened during the day. My journal entries are always quiet interesting as I start off with a regular journal entry about my day, thoughts, insights, etc. Most of the time it’s just me complaining and bitching. (I have to get rid of those emotions somehow!) Then once I’m done with my entry which can range from half a page to two, depending on the day’s events as I try to record as much as possible, I add a gratitude list. This list can range from three statements to five to as many as I can think of–whatever feels right for the day. After that, I always write a goal I either have for the next day or for that week.

It isn’t necessarily difficult to remind ourselves of the blessings in our lives. Even the hard times are blessings as there is usually either a lesson to be learned or something else to be gleaned from the experience. Our lessons make us stronger, wiser, and grow. Gratitude raises our vibrations and what we send out we attract so not only does it help us presently but it’ll help us later as well. It’s all about intention and allowing ourselves to feel that vibration as well. Words can be empty. Actions can be empty. They must be combined and fully experienced and meant before they are of any use. I’ve shared a couple ways in which I ensure I remain in this state of being and neither of them take long. They can. It all depends on how much you want to get from it but length doesn’t mean quality. If keeping them timed short helps keep you in that vibration and after a while the statements only become words then those extra words were a waste. They weren’t infused with intention, emotion, or vibration. I sincerely hope that makes sense.


I’m thankful for all of you who have taken the time to read my blog post! 🙂

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch