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Good Afternoon!

I have floundered in my desire to articulate the profound and overwhelmingly beautiful experience from a few weekends back that left me with an expansive heart and tears of joy streaming down my face. I was overcome with a deep sense of gratitude that almost was too incredible for words. In the very least, the only way in which I could ever hope to describe such an experience was a lesson from the Great Goddess Hathor Herself. Just know that even while writing this post, I have tears beginning to bubble in my eyes as I’m still so very thankful for such an eye-opening, aha! Moment. 😊

In my desperate attempt to place this lesson within context, allow me to explain my mindset before the experience. I was raised in a small town surrounded by mountains, so that regardless which direction you drive, they are there. This makes it absolutely beautiful in the fall when they are painted different colors. While I understood the beauty of my surroundings–and indeed back before I began becoming my authentic self, I was aware–I always wanted to move away. Ever since I was 16 all I could ever think about was moving up to New England. It called to me. Beckoned to my very spirit. I’m now about to turn 25 and that desire hasn’t lessened in the least bit. The only exception is now I’ve almost entirely forgotten the grandeur and beauty of my surroundings as I’ve become so focused on how much I differ from many of the residents. 15195883_10202357720262582_6775003807926241282_o

More than likely you already know where this all is headed. Anyways, a couple of Fridays ago I was headed to the cemetery that is almost a family cemetery. So many of my relatives are buried in this small little gated cemetery, located behind a small Methodist church, on top of a mountain. It’s one of the most serene and aesthetic view imaginable. I’ll have to ensure to snap a picture during my next visit. My grandmother, great-grandparents, aunts, and an uncle are buried there which I already knew. However, thanks to and, I recently became aware that my great-great grandparents are buried there as well. Before I began researching my family tree I didn’t even know their names and now I discovered they are buried in the same location. Talk about excited! I was determined to find their graves.

I’ve always been interested in my ancestry but no one had ever thought to ask questions, so you must understand how I could be so elated over such a rather trivial discovery. They were born in 1875 and 1879 which is incredible to me. Realizing it was Friday, Hathor’s sacred day, I allowed myself to begin the day be reveling in all that was pleasurable and beautiful so I decided to honor Her by doing my make-up. It may seem frivolous but it is a way in which I connect with Her. I digress and merely wanted to illustrate the point that I was already within this mind frame which I assume could only help any similar messages be heard.

My little sister and I headed to the cemetery which is about an hour or so away from where we now live. Having moved to the city last year, I revel in every moment spent back in the country as I have come to realize the immense blessing it is. The entire drive up the mountain was full of nothing short of lush greenery, the earth delighting in life and pleasure (it was before Beltane), and just a much slower pace. I’ve always been grateful for being raised in the country as it instilled within me a certain set of standards, values, and traditions that molded me into the woman I am today.

I may have forgotten that you don’t have to religiously or politically agree about everything–or anything–to enjoy and live a country life. It isn’t necessarily the tenets of faith you believe, the politicians you elect, but instead is based on the quality of life and enjoyment you receive from the small moments. It’s sitting on the porch during the warm summer nights, watching the lightning bugs dance throughout the yard, while friends are gathered nearby around a bonfire. It’s about really cherishing family, appreciating hospitality, and simply embracing life to the fullest. That was my lesson. Neighbors willing to help one another out, families gathering together for large BBQs, or simply relaxing outside while you make sun tea–that’s country. It’s the way in which we’re taught how to treat people and that manners count. I was focusing so much on the extreme differences to even understand that there is still so much of me that is a country girl. And that’s just as it should be.

20170428_134647Hathor granted me this shift in perception, this glorious and amazing understanding, as I was driving back from the cemetery. As I drove back down the mountain with all these green and awe-inspiring (at least to me) landscapes, with people waving as I passed by or simply nodding, with my childhood rushing back, I was reminded that true beauty is always all around us. Sometimes we only focus on the negatives and life is always going to have a down side. When we do this, we miss out on the incredible experience we’re already having. I could imagine myself remaining in this state, in this small town, completely different, eccentric, and unique, with no quarrels or snubbed nose of mine, and I was completely overwhelmed with the majesty of such a realization that all I could do was cry. Cry sheer tears of joy and appreciation. Never have I had such a deep sense of gratitude, beauty, love, joy, or enthusiasm. It was only due to Her that I had this shift of perception and I’ll be forever grateful.

This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind eventually moving up north. It simply means that I won’t sit here bitching and wasting every precious moment longing for a place to call home. I already have one and we can have many places we call home. But for me, this is it. This is my home. I’m a country girl, from a small town who doesn’t share much in common with my fellow men and women–at least not on the outside. Dig deep enough and there’s more similarities than possibly believed. IMG_20170430_232455_921

Thank you, Hathor, Great Goddess of Love, Beauty, and all Earth’s Pleasures for such a epiphany and I give you Honor through this post. You brought me home and that was certainly no easy feat. Dua Hathor! Dua Netjer!

Blessed Be, My Dear Friends,

The Autumn Witch

I did make a Youtube video to accompany this post. If you would like to check it out, click here.


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Emotions, Manifestation, and the Witch’s Pyramid

Witch's Pyramid

To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent—these are the four cornerstones of the Witch’s Pyramid which is an integral part of both magick and manifestation. Much like a recipe each element must be present otherwise success is very low or nonexistent. Perhaps someone will get lucky and manifest a desire a couple of times without following all four of these sides but often it won’t happen continuously. Each part corresponds to an element upon which our magick must equally be balanced and built upon as everything within the universe is comprised of the five elements. I say five because I do count Spirit as one as it permeates everything in life. It’s the life within all.

We call it a pyramid though it really is represented as a star, the pentagram, which makes more sense given that it’s our religious symbol. That is why pictured above is a star and not a pyramid. It’s not a mistake. Promise. Let’s return to the elements and the correspondences for just a moment as this isn’t the point of the post but instead a side note (though a very important one at that!). To Know belongs with Air which makes sense as air relates to communication, knowledge, and thinking. We must have knowledge and learn on this practice. While intuition is great and ought to be used, we must also read to learn more about something before attempting to perform it. Of course, knowledge isn’t only gleaned from the printed page but regardless of how one learns, the point is one must.

Next, we turn to To Will. Most books and people would say this corresponds to Fire which while I understand the reasoning, it doesn’t sit well with me. Instead I think of it as Water. Why? Simply put, our emotions (ruled by water) are what cause us to desire something and it is through our desire that we will it into being. Before we even take any sort of action, we must possess an emotional response, an investment, in what it is we’re manifesting otherwise there’s no fire to it. There’s no need. I think we first think it then must involve our emotions. We have to feel it within before we can even begin to take actions towards obtaining it. This was actually the goal of the post—to discuss emotion and manifestation so I’ll return to it in just a moment.

Instead let’s continue to To Dare. This is where water is traditionally labelled but to me daring is all about courage and the fire within. You must truly find your inner strength and force to step forward towards your goal. Maybe I just picture a group of ancients around Yule alongside their bonfires and torches asking if you dare traverse the longest night of the year so that you may arise again. Regardless, daring to me is just something so fiery and primal that I can only decide fire for it.

Lastly, To Be Silent is earth. This is probably one of the hardest aspects for the new witch but there’s a reason to it. Some people say another as well. To begin with, the new witch may be bursting with giddiness or excitement and want to tell some of their friends and/or family. However, they may not be as excited and in fact could even work to negate your work—without even realizing it! Some people state that this also stems from the Burning Times when speaking about your craft could even become a death sentence and land a witch with the witch hunters. Earth is stable and secure which when you have enough belief and a firm enough foundation then you’re secure within your own work. This could lead one to not even feel the need to blab as sometimes insecurity or worry is why some feel the need to talk to another to figure out where they went wrong.

Now that we’ve covered the Witch’s Pyramid, which encompasses all magick, we can turn to the emotional investment that I was speaking about earlier. Have you ever tried to manifest anything only to have it completely flop? Going back, was your heart in it? Were you emotionally invested? We have to feel something for what we’re trying to attract—it creates a specific vibration—which helps send that out into the universe. We have to feel excitement, love, joy, bliss, or something like that. Without emotions is there really a desire? Would you care about the outcome? Your emotions are what charge the spell. That’s why there are some witches who say that if a need is great (which means you’re emotionally invested) then it doesn’t matter whether the moon’s in the right phase. If you’re strapped for cash and have a bill come in then I can guarantee you’ll have an emotional need to charge your spell. While all sides are important, I think this is one that some people could overlook—especially people who just want to do spells because that’s something witches do. They then get mad when the spells flop without realizing that their hearts and need were absent.

The next time your magick seemingly flops, ask yourself was your heart in it? Did you really need it? Did you really want it?

Remember: don’t hold too tight to it which being too emotionally invested can do. There has to be a balance and if you seek to control everything because you’re so invested then it won’t pan out. You’re not allowing the universe room to bring you something potentially much better. 🙂

Brightest of Blessings and Happy Manifesting!

The Autumn Witch

Invocation to Ma’at for Harmony and Balance

Happy Friday! I hope ya’ll have had a wonderful week abundant with joy, love, and success. If you’re like me, you may have begun feeling off yesterday which certain political events surely only deepened. My heart was so heavy yesterday that I found myself being overwhelmed with a sort of melancholy that I’ve never before felt. It was definitely weird!

This stuck with me and today when I drew the Card of the Day, I drew the Keeper of the Scales which was about a lack of balance within. Immediately I began to think of Ma’at who isn’t a Goddess I’ve actually ever worked with before so I knew She was attempting to contact me. Listen to the signs–that’s what I’ve been preaching! So I quickly researched Her in excitement and before long I was writing an invocation to Her for Harmony and Balance. I’ve never really written an invocation before so bear with me. This most definitely may be tweaked and enhanced for your own personal use. However, if you do decide to use it as is, please do credit me. 🙂

Quick Facts about Ma’at:

  • Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice, Harmony, and Order
  • Daughter of Ra through Heka (Magick) and Wife of Thoth
  • Her most notable symbol is the Ostrich Feather which she wears in her hair–it’s the feather which our hearts our weighed against in the Hall of Judgement.
  • She is usually depicted with wings.
  • Only one temple was built for Her by Hatshepsut.


My Correspondences for Her: (I read some of these and agreed. Some were intuitive)

  • Colors: Purple and Blue (some mention black as well, which I can sort of agree with)
  • Symbols: Feather (especially Ostrich) and ankh
  • Element: Air
  • Tarot Card: Justice
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Emerald, and Jade
  • Scent: Aloe (Rose was also added but I’m unsure–that seems more Hathor too me)

**If you decide to invoke Her for Justice Spells, it’s always important to remember that you better be clean within that situation too as She doesn’t discriminate against who she deals Her justice against.**

Personally for this Invocation I would light a purple or blue candle and hold a piece of Amethyst. You can use any your guided to or exclude them.


I call to You, Lady Ma’at,

Daugther of Ra, Wife of Thoth.

She whose ostrich plume holds immense power

As it deems whether a heart is pure or not.

Balance and Harmony are Your conviction.

It is through You that we may reach such ideals,

As you permeate everything—all that is just and good.


I call upon you on this day

For help in balancing my inner self—my inner planes

So that I may be whole and healed.

I’ve allowed the outside world to much freedom

In regard to my emotions and peace.

I failed to shield myself. I acknowledge that.

I ask that You assist me in realigning myself with my Truth,

So that I may return to myself.

So that I may be complete.


You, who embody all that is just and balanced,

Come to me now so that I may too delight in you.

Allow me to share and revel in your order and harmony.

Allow me to be restored—

For the scales within to become equal,

So that I may continue forth in my fight against injustice,

So that I may aid You in this world, and with Your mission,

Of Truth, Justice, and Order.

So Shall It Be.

©The Autumn Witch


What’s your experience with Ma’at? Is She a Goddess you’ve worked with before? I found Her quite fascinating though there doesn’t seem to be loads of information about Her.


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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Desperation in Magick

We’ve all had moments and points in our lives where we become so desperate that we open ourselves to any-and-every thing so long as it removes us from our current situation. Yet most of the times these manifestations won’t pan out very well. I’ve definitely not above this and actually have been doing it for quite some time without realizing that that was precisely what was wrong. That was the reason everything was failing miserably! It was such a profound and awakening experience–though also quite shameful because how did I miss it?!  It’s okay. Sometimes we must learn the hard way and this is no reason to berate yourself.

Whenever we do magick, we’re told to be specific but not so specific that the Universe can’t have some wiggle room. Well, what about leaving everything very open? Case in point, I’d been struggling financially for quite some time and there is so much on that topic that this post could never begin to cover–it has a lot about how I was raised with money and my parents own views of lack. Anyways, I was desperate and knew I had to have a job. How else could I possibly hope to live? There was so much I wanted to do in life but it would all never happen unless I had some green in my wallet.

Therefore, I would send the intention out that I would get a job–any job–and apply to as many jobs as I could find on the internet within close proximity to where I lived. I would get phone calls from fast food joints and retail shops. I never stopped to ponder what sort of job did I really want. I just needed money. I would get the job and then realize after a while that they were using me, worked in perhaps unethical manners, or something else. There was always a reason and for a while, I never did stay long. I was frustrated and annoyed because nothing was fulfilling me. Instead I was being left feeling drained, upset, annoyed, and pissed. One of the fast food jobs sounded amazing and I’d been told we closed at ten p.m. then once I started and was scheduled to close, I discovered that drive-thru (where I was) didn’t close until 11 and that there was only ever two employees and a manager to close–including their busy Friday nights! Instead of leaving about 10:30 as expected, I didn’t leave until 12:20!!

Sitting at home in tears because I felt so upset, exhausted, and pissed, I realized I was continually returning to the same places with the knowledge that they didn’t make me happy. Sure, I love working with people and have no problem in customer service oriented environments. I’m good at dealing with people but these companies were not what I wanted. I was doing magick to successfully procure these positions but not being specific enough. I realized I had to be specific and actually figure out what it is I want from a job, what I’m looking for, etc. Keyword: BE SPECIFIC! Write it down. Put that intention out into the Universe instead of “I’m desperate! Give me anything!” Anything is good enough. I deserve more than just anything.

If you’re having a similar problem (and it doesn’t have to solely pertain to jobs) take a honest look at what you’re sending to the Universe. What frequency and vibration are you maintaining? Try taking time out to create a manifestation list–a list of everything you want to manifest with as much detail as possible. Of course, keep it open so the Universe has some wiggle room but ensure the major points are outlined. Look at it each day. Return to that specific frequency. Maintain it. Most importantly, know you are worth more than what you have been allowing into your life.


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


Card of the Day-4 April 2017


Card of the Day
Milky Way (Perspective)

If we think about the vastness of our universe and the neverending space, we can already begin shifting our perspective as we begin to realize our problems aren’t as bad as we initially viewed them.
This is our message for today. Simply take note of how you view things and when you get down, feel frustrated,  upset or annoyed then find a way to shift your perspective of the situation,  like we naturally do when gazing at the stars and into space. Ask yourself: what you can learn from this situation? How can you use it as an opportunity for growth?  Shift your perspective from life happening to you to one where you are actively creating and dancing with your life. That’s exactly what it can feel like. A dance but guess what, YOU are the leader! You can change your life and shifting your perspective is a first step to creating the life you want.
You just have to start. I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch

**Card is from the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer

Card of the Day-3 April 2017

Card of the Day

The Ice Queen (Reversed)
Everything in the Universe comes from Spirit. The land, the air, our inspirations, etc. However, it is through illusion that we begin to think it is solely from the toils of our own labor as to why we have what we’ve been blessed with. Is it really? Through this illusion we become separated and distant from Spirit. Try to pay mind today to all the blessings of your life and recognize that they stem from Spirit. Be grateful. Say thank you. A simple way to do this is with a prayer of thanks over your food before you eat. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy. Merely saying thank you so long as you mean it and feel it within your heart goes a long way. 

With that being said, I am thankful for all you wonderful people who take your time to read my posts. Thank you! 
Card is from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck by Collette Baron-Reid

Card of the Day-31 March 2017


Card of the Day
Dawn (New Beginnings)

“With the new day comes strength and new thoughts.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Each new day begins with the sunrise and if you have ever watched the sun’s slow rise over the horizon where it sleepily stretches it’s rays, you may have been filled with awe, inspiration, and even a sense of peace. This is no coincidence as the sunrise is all about fresh energy, potentiality, and new beginnings. With each new morning we have the capabilities of changing our lives. We have some very powerful magick at hand. Today take note of what it is in your life that you aren’t satisfied with, what no longer makes you happy, or simply what drains you. Take note and affirm to yourself that your life is yours to control. Make some much needed changes. With this Aries energy, now is the time for your new beginning! Work to make it a reality. Believe and so shall it be.

I have a post about Sunrise Magick that you can find here.

*card from the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer