Card of the Day-12 July 2017


Card of the Day
Queen of Pentacles reversed

Feelings of lack may be prevalent today but know that a momentary situation of lack doesn’t equate a lifetime of little. Its during these times we begin anguishing and doubting our selves. We start shifting into a mindset that isn’t in the least bit helpful. Know that though money may seem lacking now, it is on its way, if you believe. Shift your thoughts away from lack and envision yourself prosperous with enough. Hold this image and really breath into it. Feel it with every fiber of your being. It’ll happen. Just be aware of these thoughts of lack and use them to reaffirm what it is you desire. *Card from Rider-Waite deck
#CardoftheDay #COTD #Tarot #Queen #Pentacles #Money #Mindset #Shifting #LawofAttraction #Manifestation #Magick


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