Protecting, Shielding, and Maintaining Your Energy

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One of the biggest issues many empaths and spiritual people face is maintaining positive and high vibrations. We’re constantly being bombarded by negative images, energies, and people via social media, the news, families, friends, and even strangers. We can easily grow overwhelmed and before we know it, our vibes drop and we feel at our absolute WORSE! The most common advice I’ve heard is to drop these interactions, people, whatever is causing you issues in an act of self-care which yes, I totally agree with and have done myself. However, there are times we can’t all follow that advice and then what? Are we simply doomed to just have the positivity sucked from us? Of course not. That’s when it’s most pertinent for us to practice some bad-ass-witchery! 😉 By this I mean stand tall, grounded, shielded, and confident for you know how you can help yourself. Wait…what if someone is new to this path and doesn’t exactly know what works best for them? Worry not, I’m not going to let you stagger in the cold for general ideas. This post is to share with you some of the ways in which I ensure to protect/shield my energy as well as maintain it. Does this mean EVERY day is going to be awesome and positive? No, Darling, because if it were then we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of great days but instead it allows us to remain calm, centered, and grounded in those situations—not as if we’re being swept out to sea in some very choppy, churning waters.

If you have been on your path long enough to know of some things that help you then please feel free to share as the more the merrier! I want this to be a resource for those who are still new. If you’re new, feel free to try some of the following suggestions I use and be sure to let me know how they work for you! So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Ways I Protect/Shield My Energy and Maintain It


  • Shielding
    • This is one you will hear most people talk about because it WORKS. Every morning before you really get your day started, take several deep breaths to focus and center yourself. You may call upon any deity or archangel/angel if you need to. Sometimes I will call upon Archangel Michael. Make sure the bubble goes over your head, engulfs your entire body, and goes underneath your feet.
      • If you are NOT calling upon help, imagine a bubble surrounding you in whatever color you need. I typically go for gold but if I really need some protection (like if I’m traveling), I’ll use red. Blue for healing. Pink for love. I ask that this not only shield me but also bring whatever energy (color) I envisioned into my life. It’s sort of a two for one. If you’re just beginning, imagine a very strong golden bubble and know that nothing can penetrate it. It will protect and shield you from negative energy and only allow the positive into your life. It’s all about intention, my friend.
      • If you ARE calling for help, the color of the bubble may differ. While red is protective for me, whenever I call upon Archangel Michael, the bubble is always blue and still has that protective energy. Just be aware of this if the color comes to your mind isn’t what you would’ve thought.
    • Crystals
      • I LOVE crystals and if you have been following my blog, you may know this by now. 😉 There are some great crystals for shielding and protection like Black Tourmaline (my choice) or Black Obsidian. I sit with the crystal and breathe deeply before reaching my consciousness out to the crystal to ask that it shield me and transmute any negative energy that comes my way. I ALWAYS pair it with a crystal that corresponds with the energies I do want to instead attract like Rose Quartz for love, Tiger’s Eye for protection, or Amethyst for Spirituality. It’s an easy method that I resonate with! I can pocket the crystals, place them in my purse/bookbag, or in a pinch, stick them in my bra! This is very useful for those days where I lack pockets—just don’t forget about them! I can’t tell you how many times I have taken my bra off at the end of the day to have crystals fall out and surprise me!
    • Archangel Michael
      • If I really feel like I need some serious protection or shielding and need it NOW, I call upon the Archangel Michael whom I have a deep adoration towards which hasn’t always been there. To be honest, I never was fond of angels as they represented a religion I was no longer a part of, however I took a leap of faith and bought Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Archangel Michael’s book a while back because it kept calling to me. I am so glad I did. His energy is immediate and powerful! I never doubt him.
      • You can just meditate on him with either a picture or something blue (his color) and seek him out. Pray for his help and know he will respond.
      • If you’re interested in the book, here’s the link: Sunny Dawn Johnston’s Archangel Michael Maintain Your Energy Book. (No, I am not being paid to endorse but LOVE this guide!)
    • Breathing
      • When you find yourself being bombarded by crap, sometimes the best thing is to take three deep breaths. This helps clear the mind and bring clarity. When I find myself growing annoyed, pissed, angry, etc. I do this because it really makes a difference in my energy and state of being.
      • Take three deep breaths through the nose, hold to the count of three, then exhale through the mouth. You should be able to feel the difference.
    • Social Media Free Days
      • There are just days where I literally CANNOT deal with social media at all. While great for connecting and communicating with others, it also is a great platform for bad vibes to come your way. Someone sharing a picture of a gruesome news story, people arguing, or even someone posting something that makes you extremely jealous (comparison is a BITCH!) are all ways that can bring you down. I noticed this was happening to me so I decided to have at least 1 day a week I forgo Social Media (all accounts) and at least once every two months, forgo an entire WEEK! It really can make a difference and the last time I left for the week, I didn’t really want to come back. I scheduled posts on scheduling apps and might reply if I received a notification (depending on what the notification was about). Other than that, nothing. Wanna know how it felt? Freeing! No, seriously, It helped my energy so much because I was limiting ways I could receive vibes that would bring me down.
      • The first couple of hours or days, depending on the length, can be maddening because we have a bad habit of reaching for our phones and checking apps. Don’t do it. Resist. You’ll think yourself later.
    • Remove the stressors
      • The news and politics are things that always trigger me and because I’m a very opinionated individual who pays close attention to politics, it’s a big issue I struggle with. I no longer watch the news at all and limit my news intake. I either unfollow news outlets, put them for no notifications, or skim headlines before reading. I do this across all social media sites and really only ensure I receive the latest weather reports since that’s the most important. I still want to be able to receive some news—just in case something horrific happens in my area and I need to be aware of it. In general, though, it’s out.
      • Friends who I always seem to be miscommunicating with, who seem to always want to argue or frown upon me—they gotta go. If we don’t mesh and click anymore then I don’t care how long we’ve been friends. This can be the most heart wrenching way to ensure I take care of my energy but it is what it is. This includes family members. Personally, my issue is I begin missing them. I was going to give an example but realized that it didn’t serve a point.
      • Certain television shows that I LOVE, like the Real Housewives (don’t judge) can physically leave me feeling drained and even angry at others. There’s just so much fighting that I have had to completely stop watching which can drive me crazy when I see someone post on Facebook about it. Honestly, if it’s lowering my vibes then I don’t need it so I just breathe and continue scrolling. I recently broke this boundary and by the time I watched two episodes I was feeling so drained and annoyed. Nope. Nevermind. If you find a show does this to you then STOP watching it. What purpose is it serving you? Find something instead that makes you laugh and raises your vibes instead! One of my favorites is Whose Line Is It Anyway. They make me laugh so much!
      • If there’s a show that terrifies you then it’s the same thing. WHY subject yourself to that? I loved the show Supernatural but in all honesty, It terrifies me. I would have trouble being alone in my house and therefore, while I love Dean and really wanted to follow his and Sam’s story, I had to stop watching it. I even got rid of my DVD sets and deleted my Pinterest board because it only reminded me of that energy. That fear. No thanks!
    • Fill Your Life With Positivity
      • This may sound cheesy but seriously. Find a podcast that really inspires you or a youtube channel that makes you smile and laugh. Bring art and joy into your life. Do what you must in order to raise those vibes and keep them high. Self-help books, podcasts, and videos are some of the ways in which I do this. I also ensure I watch television shows that are going to make me laugh and won’t show triggering images. I meditate, sing, do yoga, write, and work with crystals. Find things that make you feel joy and love. Things that bring out a joie de vivre.
    • Sticking to my Boundaries
      • The toughest part hands down. We may find ourselves tempted to return to the familiar but these are all acts of self-care which is vital for our well-being and sanity. It serves no purpose to forgo something for a month because it lowered your vibes and made you cranky just to return to doing it. Being firm and having clear cut boundaries is a fantastic way to protect your energy because you re-enforce the fact you aren’t going to allow that sort of energy into your life.
    • Get Out in Nature
      • Nature automatically seems to lift our spirits and vibes which makes this the easiest way to raise our energy and maintain it. Spend 10-15 minutes outside at least once a week and just be. Take your shoes off and connect to Gaia. This is something I’ve done since I was a child that I’d always chalked up to simply despising shoes (which is true) but it’s because it’s grounding. Technically it’s called earthing. Find yourself feeling in a complete funk and just down? Go spend an hour or so at the park. Go hiking or camping. I read somewhere that witches go to nature to heal. This is very true though other people do it without realizing exactly what it is that is therapeutic about it.


If you liked this article, I attached a PDF I created that simply lists these tools and practices out. Each of the above are ways I have found to protect, shield, and maintain my energy. Each one works for me and I share them with you in hopes they will be of use to you as well. Experiment with them. Try one or two for a week. Journal about how you feel and your experiences. Maybe forgo anything for the next week. See if you feel the difference. Choose another tool or practice above. This is such an important aspect of self-care, especially for empaths since we can easily become drained and just down. It’s definitely more than what down implies but I’m unfortunately at a loss for an appropriate word. The problem is without proper shielding methods to protect our energy and block out others’, we end up absorbing their energy as ours. This is why it is so incredibly important.


PDF link: Protecting, Shielding, and Maintaining Energy


What are some ways in which you shield and protect your energy? How do you raise your vibes and keep them high? I would love to hear from you!


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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