Get To Know Me-32 Facts/Confessions

Get to know me

I’ve recently seen people confessing or sharing facts about themselves on a myriad of different forums and thought it seemed like a great idea! Ya’ll read my blog, follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, yet I doubt I’ve really shared anything about who I am as a person and a witch. So yes, I am jumping on the bandwagon with this one. Here are 32 Facts/Confessions about me. (I’m unsure why 32 but it was a number that came to me!)

  1. I’m from a very small country town in Virginia that will always be home.
  2. I very much dislike city life.
  3. I am fluent in Spanish, passable in French, and have taken classes in Japanese and Biblical Hebrew as well.
  4. I originally went to college to become a Spanish teacher but am not studying to become a paralegal.
  5. Over the years I have increasingly become interested and passionate about the law and politics. This has led to the vast postings on my personal Facebook page that are of a political nature which have caused my brother to promise he would unfriend me if I kept it up. (We share the same views but it isn’t so inclined to read about it frequently.)
  6. I’ve been creatively writing since the 6th grade and one of these days will publish a book–I must first overcome my fear of not being good enough!
  7. I’m a very silly, spontaneous, and wacky woman who will burst into song without reason, do a small dance when I am eating (I am a BIG Foodie!), and even allow myself to do ridiculous things to get a few laughs from family and friends.
  8. I am the eldest of three siblings though my brother is much taller–thereby appearing much older.
  9. I love to sing and was a part of the school choir from 6th-12th grade.
  10. I hope to work for an immigration law firm in the future.
  11. I have been to two countries–Nicaragua and Canada though my list is quite long of places I’d like to go.
  12. I do not remember the exact shade of brown my hair naturally is.
  13. I love Christmas carols and will listen to them all year round!
  14. I am terrified of ghosts but love shows like Ghost Hunters. I have a hard time sleeping at night but I cannot stop watching!
  15. I have also had some scary experiences with spirits.
  16. I have believed in the Gods and Goddesses, magick, witchcraft, and wicca since I was a young girl.
  17. The pantheon I first was interested in and knew to be real was the Greek pantheon. My favorite Goddess was Artemis.
  18. I love Christmas though I’m sure it helped it was never religious for my family. We celebrated Santa’s visit.
  19. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, new books, lemon, musk and think the crunch of gravel under a tire is the best sound in the world.
  20. I have a phobia of tornadoes. Like full panics whenever there’s a severe thunderstorm.
  21. Ironically, my favorite film as a child was Twister.
  22. I have been homeless. This was when I was at my lowest spiritual point ever–including magickally. I completely understand when people talk about feeling an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair. I have been there. This was also when I learned I had codependency issues big time!
  23. I am a Leo sun sign, Taurus moon, and Aquarius ascendant.
  24. I forever ship Dramione–Draco and Hermione.
  25. I credit Harry Potter with my going to college. I hated reading and profusely refused to until those books were published. I became enthralled and began reading avidly. I don’t think I would’ve achieved high marks in school without that love of reading instilled from the series.
  26. I loved Twilight when it first came out but cringe at it now.
  27. I love covering my hair. It makes me feel beautiful and capable of closing off the world for a while. It centers and refocuses me on myself.
  28. I was converting to Judaism before I refound Paganism and Wicca. I still miss it like crazy because I had so many wonderful and beautiful experiences there.
  29. The minions are my absolute favorite thing ever and I even have a minion piggy bank–it’s supposed to be Bob but his eyes are not different colors.
  30. I am such a fan of Disney movies and cartoons. I get so sick of sex, drugs, alcohol, and the other things you constantly are bombarded with in regular programming.
  31. My absolute favorite movie is The Prince of Egypt. I have loved it ever since I was little and in fact, my grandmother had bought me a storybook that followed along with the movie. The Exodus is my favorite part of the Bible which makes me feel very conflicted due to my frequent workings with the Egyptian pantheon.
  32. These past few years have been my hermit years as I’ve sort of closed myself off to others with a shift of focus into my own being, my own spirituality, my own life path. I now am getting lonely and seeking and outside community to connect with.

I didn’t think I would have much to share. Holy crap, 32 facts?! However, I could’ve still kept on going so that’s awesome! I hope ya’ll enjoy getting to know me a bit more and comment a few facts about yourself! I would LOVE to get to meet you as well! 🙂


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


Don’t forget you can find me:

Facebook: @AutumnW1tch

Twitter: @autumn_w1tch

Instagram: @autumnw1tch


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