Card of the Day-19 May 2017

Card of the Day
Eagle (Communion)
We had this card the last time I did a COTD post which tells me that this is too important a lesson to simple ignore. When we think of communion, we think naturally of speakingIMG_20170519_105544_556 with and listening to Spirit/God/Goddess but it encompasses ALL. Through communion we realize that we are connected, that everything and everyone are interconnected and therefore, independent yet dependent. Maybe you have fallen short in your prayers or meditations-it happens. I’ve fallen quite short these past few weeks myself with being sick, having a broken tooth…but regardless, we can always choose to do it today. However, also remember this card means communing with nature. Weather permitting, get out there and enjoy it. The Gods manifest themselves within nature, my friend. You may find a better connection to Them out there.

*Card is from the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch



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