Blessed Beltane!


Bonfires scattered throughout countryside,
flames flickering and dancing in rhythm,
to an ancient tune only heard by a few.
Flowers and plants bud and bloom,
in celebration and joy,
as the spirits of nature revel in such magick.
What then could be the cause
of such delight and merriment?
Only the union of our Lord and Lady,
two lovers now forever connected,
whole and complete now together.
Abundance as nature now thrives
is ours to enjoy–if we know the way
in which to partake of this sacred day.
Our spirits become fertile alongside our Lady,
whether that be physically or creatively,
so that we too may share in such rites.
On this Beltane day, we celebrate the
Sun God and Earth Goddess.
King and Queen of May,
from whom all life springs forth.
So, come dance the Maypole
while the Fae sing enchanting tunes,
so that once the day is done,
masculine and feminine are as one.

–The Autumn Witch

May your Beltane be abundant with love, light, joy and celebration. ❤


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