Card of the Day-13 April 2017

Card of the Day

The Fire Prince

We just celebrated the Full Moon Tuesday and perhaps some of our intentions set during the New Moon have yet to manifest. With that can come feelings of doubt, anxiety, and fear. We begin to belittle and berate ourselves before we even have the chance to remember that depending on what our intention was, it may take longer than a moon cycle. Depending on the spell, it could take a year!  The Fire Prince represents the force behind the scenes that is unseen yet drives everything into fruition. Some call this force God, Spirit, Goddess or even just The Universe but regardless of the name you have labelled it, know that is helping to manifest your goal. Be optimistic. Any self doubts, worries, and fears can actually negate your spell! Just remain hopeful and continue taking action towards your intention. Put forth the work and know with certainty that it shall happen. ❤✨🌟
From the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid 


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