Card of the Day-11 April 2017


Card of the Day

Knave of Wands
This card has a double meaning for me today so I will share both as one may apply to most and the other to a few. 😊

These past few weeks you may have been struggling with an idea, a concept, or thought. Perhaps you’d hit a creative rut-I know my writer’s block has been exhausting! Pay attention today as inspiration may strike and allow those juices to flow once more. There’s movement of energy now which is great if your head has been in a sort of foggy cloud as of late and with all these planets in retrograde, its not surprising.

Also, some of you may have a visitor today (planned or unplanned). It may even be someone returning from your past. As I stated there’s movement with this card and the knave is drawing my attention, alluding to this feeling of a person coming to call.

*from the Rider-Waite Deck


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