Card of the Day-10 April 2017


Card of the Day

Gaia’s Garden

When most people think about abundance and prosperity, they solely think about money. While money isn’t bad, it certainly isn’t the only in which our lives may be fruitful–something this card is reminding us today. Take a look around and notice just how prosperous you already are. You’re alive. You have friends and family. I was always told that so long as you have food in your belly and a place to lay your head at night then you will never be poor. This doesn’t mean we don’t struggle in certain areas of our lives but instead we must be thankful and praise all that we do have. Be thankful for what you have and more will come to you. ❤✨🌼

“Abundance can be had simply by consciously receiving what has already been given.” -Sufi Saying

From the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck by Colette Baron-Reid



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