Desperation in Magick

We’ve all had moments and points in our lives where we become so desperate that we open ourselves to any-and-every thing so long as it removes us from our current situation. Yet most of the times these manifestations won’t pan out very well. I’ve definitely not above this and actually have been doing it for quite some time without realizing that that was precisely what was wrong. That was the reason everything was failing miserably! It was such a profound and awakening experience–though also quite shameful because how did I miss it?!  It’s okay. Sometimes we must learn the hard way and this is no reason to berate yourself.

Whenever we do magick, we’re told to be specific but not so specific that the Universe can’t have some wiggle room. Well, what about leaving everything very open? Case in point, I’d been struggling financially for quite some time and there is so much on that topic that this post could never begin to cover–it has a lot about how I was raised with money and my parents own views of lack. Anyways, I was desperate and knew I had to have a job. How else could I possibly hope to live? There was so much I wanted to do in life but it would all never happen unless I had some green in my wallet.

Therefore, I would send the intention out that I would get a job–any job–and apply to as many jobs as I could find on the internet within close proximity to where I lived. I would get phone calls from fast food joints and retail shops. I never stopped to ponder what sort of job did I really want. I just needed money. I would get the job and then realize after a while that they were using me, worked in perhaps unethical manners, or something else. There was always a reason and for a while, I never did stay long. I was frustrated and annoyed because nothing was fulfilling me. Instead I was being left feeling drained, upset, annoyed, and pissed. One of the fast food jobs sounded amazing and I’d been told we closed at ten p.m. then once I started and was scheduled to close, I discovered that drive-thru (where I was) didn’t close until 11 and that there was only ever two employees and a manager to close–including their busy Friday nights! Instead of leaving about 10:30 as expected, I didn’t leave until 12:20!!

Sitting at home in tears because I felt so upset, exhausted, and pissed, I realized I was continually returning to the same places with the knowledge that they didn’t make me happy. Sure, I love working with people and have no problem in customer service oriented environments. I’m good at dealing with people but these companies were not what I wanted. I was doing magick to successfully procure these positions but not being specific enough. I realized I had to be specific and actually figure out what it is I want from a job, what I’m looking for, etc. Keyword: BE SPECIFIC! Write it down. Put that intention out into the Universe instead of “I’m desperate! Give me anything!” Anything is good enough. I deserve more than just anything.

If you’re having a similar problem (and it doesn’t have to solely pertain to jobs) take a honest look at what you’re sending to the Universe. What frequency and vibration are you maintaining? Try taking time out to create a manifestation list–a list of everything you want to manifest with as much detail as possible. Of course, keep it open so the Universe has some wiggle room but ensure the major points are outlined. Look at it each day. Return to that specific frequency. Maintain it. Most importantly, know you are worth more than what you have been allowing into your life.


Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch



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