Card of the Day-6 April 2017


The World (and 10 of Wands Reversed)

We actually had a jumper card which for me signifies the same so it only seems to drive the point.
Struggle is a part of life that most of us tend to get lost and absorbed in. We begin forgetting what motivated us towards our goal and end up becoming disheartened. If you have been feeling this way over a project, goal, advancement, whatever you have been feeding your time and energy to, know now all of your hard work is paying off. You are reaching fulfillment and completion of a cycle. We began as the Fool and now have come full circle to the World and with this fulfillment. And once again shall we return to the Fool as life is about cycles and the Tarot isn’t any different. Don’t necessarily jump into the next project-that definitely conjures up imagery of the Fool card! Instead allow yourself sometime to relish this accomplishment before moving on. Take a moment. Pause. Enjoy and be thankful.

*from the Rider-Waite Deck

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Brightest of Blessings and Happy Thursday,

The Autumn Witch


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