Card of the Day-31 March 2017


Card of the Day
Dawn (New Beginnings)

“With the new day comes strength and new thoughts.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Each new day begins with the sunrise and if you have ever watched the sun’s slow rise over the horizon where it sleepily stretches it’s rays, you may have been filled with awe, inspiration, and even a sense of peace. This is no coincidence as the sunrise is all about fresh energy, potentiality, and new beginnings. With each new morning we have the capabilities of changing our lives. We have some very powerful magick at hand. Today take note of what it is in your life that you aren’t satisfied with, what no longer makes you happy, or simply what drains you. Take note and affirm to yourself that your life is yours to control. Make some much needed changes. With this Aries energy, now is the time for your new beginning! Work to make it a reality. Believe and so shall it be.

I have a post about Sunrise Magick that you can find here.

*card from the Earth Magic deck by Steven D. Farmer

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