Astral Sacred Space/Altar:My How-To

Having an altar and sacred space to meditate and do magickal workings is vital for the witch as not only does it help encourage you to continue your practice on a daily basis but becomes a comfortable place where you know you can meet with the Divine to commune and work. Not all sacred spaces contain altars but regardless, all altar spaces could be considered sacred spaces. There are two major types of altars: permanent and temporary. Permanent altars are ideal for me, however they aren’t always the most practical—especially when you live in a house of nonmagickal people as well as those who find your practice and path funny. Sound familiar?

I’ve recently come clashing back to reality with this and for a while was only working with a temporary altar which meets my needs, however finding the space for it can be tricky. Some people use cardboard boxes, the floor, or whatever they need to but I’ve found that with my cats as well as family members, this isn’t necessarily the best option. Plus, my mom gets awful migraines from incense burning so I can only ever do ritual or meditation when she’s out of the house—incense isn’t required but does get me in the mood and state of mind which is why I continue to use it. So then if having a permanent altar is out of the question and a temporary begins to become no good either, what is a witch to do!?

Well, let me tell you what I do as I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! I remember doing an activity on a Wicca 101 book—I’m unsure which one but if I remember, I’ll link down below—in which the exercise was about going into meditation to find your sacred space. This could be a natural place such as by a lake, in a temple, or whatever you were guided to. So this helped create an astral sacred space for me that I knew I could always come back to when I needed to recharge. However, I never thought about doing anything there ritually! Holy Crap! It was as if a choir of angels came from the heavens singing—no, not really but it was an amazing thought. So I went into a meditative state and appeared at my sacred space were I conjured some candles and the tools that were almost identical to the ones I physically have. From that point, I performed my daily devotion just as I would have if I’d been physically doing it, complete with meditation music that I know by heart as I always listen to it. The Gods appeared and seemed to find it an intriguing experience and it was so real that I could smell the incense and feel the space around me. My senses came alive and it was a very beautiful and moving experience.

Think you’d like to give this a try? Here’s a quick little how-to:

  1. Find a place where you can meditate without worry of being interrupted.
  2. If you need to, put on some soft music though I think this could potentially impact your meditation but if it’s needed, go for it!
  3. Begin your meditation however you normally do. For me, I count myself down into Alpha using a technique I learned from one of Laurie Cabot’s books. Set your intention that you are seeking out a sacred space on the astral plane where you may return time and time again without fear.
  4. Let yourself be guided until you find the right spot. This may not be how you imagined or previously thought and that’s okay. Take note of it. The surroundings, any markings, and more importantly how does it make you feel?
  5. Take a seat within this space and reach out to the elements and the Divine. Ask that they be with you whenever you visit this spot. Claim it as your sacred space and know that it will be. You may always return.
  6. Visualize any tools you may need for magick and or ritual, knowing they are there and very much real. Any thoughts or visualizations manifest on the astral plane before the physical world which means that any magick done here should manifest quicker than normal spells.This is when you create your altar in this space and you can always reconjure this altar.
  7. Perform your magick/ritual/devotion as you normally would—cast a circle, invoke the Gods, etc.
  8. Once done, tidy up and give thanks for allowing your use of this space. Thank the Gods, thank the elements, and thank your higher self that led you there.
  9. Slowly return to your body and come out of your meditation as you normally would.
  10. Write about your experience. Describe the place in detail so that you will always be able to picture it within your mind and return with ease.

Note of caution: I wouldn’t rely solely on the astral plane but instead use it whenever a physical altar is unwise. This isn’t because I believe the astral dangerous, though it can be depending on your intention and state of mind when you enter it. I simply believe that we do live on the physical plane and therefore should work here as well. I know, it sounds almost contradictory. If you have the right intentions, don’t travel with any negative feelings or expectations, and properly protect yourself (like a bubble visualization) then you should be fine! 😊


So, what do you do when having an altar is a hassle? Any tips or tricks? Also, if you try this method please share your experience as I’d love to hear them!!!


Brightest of Blessings and happy rituals,

The Autumn Witch


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