Card of the Day–30 Nov 2016

Card of the Day

The High Lady of Love and Compassion (Reversed)

Pause and take a look at the motives and intentions behind your actions. Are they being fueled by love (by Spirit) or instead by Ego? Sometimes its difficult to discern which is which but with a little introspection and a good dose of honesty, we can uncover the truth. Perhaps you aren’t being as kind to others or yourself as you ought to be. Perhaps you are being too kind which can be just as bad. We must search for that delicate balance between being kind and compassionate and being able to say no. So I implore you to take a step back and analyze what position you are coming from and remember you can shift that.  Just be gentle towards yourself and others–nurture, not coddle. ❤

*from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck by Colette Baron-Reid

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