Simple Acts=Magick

This month has been abundant with blessings and lessons, joys and tensions but remaining centered in our spiritual paths can help allow us to ride the waves of emotion with clarity, understanding, detachment, and perspective. We all know that life isn’t as perfect as we’d like and attempting to control it so it is only adding more stress and overwhelm. As the card I drew for today stated: we must decide what we want, focus on our intention and alignment then release it so Spirit may take care of it. Detachment and releasing doesn’t necessarily mean we no longer care about it but rather the opposite. Due to our hope and desire, we are allowing room for it to breathe and manifest.

This process of thinking and acting are a major part of magick—and the most crucial for some people to learn because doubts and overthinking can negate our magickal efforts. That’s why I keep my spells simple and short otherwise I’m prone to overthinking and becoming too critical. Magick isn’t forged in logic—though it does play a part. Instead it’s in the realm of intuition, emotion, and desire. We still must employ logic otherwise our pyramid becomes unbalanced; however, we can’t allow ourselves to tarry for too long.

As I stated, I am all about simple magick—minimal tools, props, and what have you. A simple spell for me could be simply charging a crystal or two for a specific purpose then carrying it throughout the day or forever how long I decide necessary. Other times I may sit at my altar, in sacred space, and create a sachet through the use of various tools and herbs but I never try to over complicate anything. Magick lies in the intention. While cooking, I always stir deosil to bring in love, positive energy, and health. That would be an act of simple magick—even if no words were ever incanted or a candle wasn’t lit. It was through my intention that it became magick. Remaining grateful for the blessings in your life is another simple way to bring more magick into your daily life as more blessings will appear.

Such small acts are much more easily unnoticed by others which make them great for when family comes to visit. This time of year can be extremely stressful, especially when you are sharing spaces with nonpagans and others who may not completely understand your path. You still want to utilize what you have in your magickal toolbox to help yourself but may need to simply shift your intentions. I don’t make a fuss about stirring clockwise and it’s so subtle that most people don’t think twice on it. Adding herbs based not only on flavor but magickal correspondences is another conspicuous effort at magick. Creativity lies outside the norm 😉 Small acts when infused with intention become magick.

The biggest takeaway I hope you have for this month was that simple acts=magick and there are so many magickal acts at your fingertips that can help fight the stress, anxiety, sadness, and overwhelm of this month as well as the upcoming. J Speaking of December, I would like to announce that the theme on my blog for December will be Christmas as a Pagan. I do celebrate Christmas and thought I’d share my thoughts and experiences in handling it. Thankfully, my immediate family has never been too religious about it so it’s always been a time for Santa instead of Jesus. That helps.


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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