Card of the Day–27 Nov 2016


The Arrow Master

Take a look today at all the goals and dreams you wish to manifest. Are you worrying about them? Tensing yourself and becoming stressed? Worry can be inevitable if its something we sincerely desire but that very worry can be what’s keeping the manifestation from happening.  The Arrow Master gently reminds us today to practice detachment–to want it but not fret about every tiny detail. Instead clearly outline what it is you want (be specific but not too limiting) and align your intention with it. Once that is done then align them with Spirit/The Divine/God/Goddess/All That Is. Focus on your goals and dreams, allow the Divine control over their course then release your desire. Practice detachment. It may not come necessarily as you imagined but it’ll manifest.  Just remember: focus intention and don’t worry and stress. It’ll come to you. ❤

Brightest of Blessings!

The Autumn Witch


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