Waiting in ridiculously long lines at the store, battling with pre-holiday traffic, and being constantly bombarded by ads for products that most of us don’t even need can make being present and remaining not only mindful but grateful almost impossible. Tempers rise, arguments are started over trivial matters, and some of us even seem to forget our entire vocabulary except for some very choice words. We want nothing more than to purchase our stuff and get home so we can finally relax–or at least attempt to. How then can we possibly even hope to return to a place of gratitude?

Returning to this state of mind and vibration is simpler if we start our day as such. Upon waking up, and before you even begin to stir for the day, mentally list three things you’re grateful for. It isn’t necessarily enough to list but you must also feel gratitude. Feel it lift your vibrations. Your list could be as simple as you wish so long as you mean it. This not only allows you to keep this vibration but also lets the Universe know that you are thankful for what you’ve been given and the Universe will send more to you.

I’ve found performing daily devotions has also allowed me to maintain my positive mind and grateful vibration as I’m always thankful to have found the right path for myself. To have a connection to my Deities is a blessing as I never connected with the Deity of my former religion. A daily devotion doesn’t have to be long, arduous, or complex. It can be as simple as lighting a candle and offering some incense to your choice of Deities. The two biggest things to keep in mind are intention and allowing yourself enough time to really connect. It isn’t going to do a whole lot of good to just light a candle and incense and head off to do what you need to do. Take a few minutes and immerse yourself in the moment. I’m not saying you must spend twenty minutes as this can all be done in five minutes. Be present and allow yourself to connect to your Deities for a few moments. Ground and Center yourself beforehand as that helps.

Deep breathing throughout the day is very helpful as well. Whenever you begin feeling annoyed, overwhelmed, stressed, or whatever, step back and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. You can make it a point that whenever you do this you must also mentally list two or three things you’re grateful for. I’ve done that and it can help keep everything in perspective which is much needed during those times! We can become so immersed and absorbed in our emotions and the turmoil and chaos around but it’s impertinent that we find a way to rise above it. Deep breathing and mental gratitude lists are but only two ways in which we are capable of doing that.

Simple other actions like saying a quick prayer of thanks before eating is another way in which to keep this state of mind throughout the day. So, we’ve seen starting the day with gratitude to maintaining it throughout the day and now we end the day with either journaling or another mental list. Personally I prefer the journaling approach but if you prefer the latter, simply mentally list five or so things or keep going until you drift to sleep. As I said I prefer journaling as it also allows me to release everything that happened during the day. My journal entries are always quiet interesting as I start off with a regular journal entry about my day, thoughts, insights, etc. Most of the time it’s just me complaining and bitching. (I have to get rid of those emotions somehow!) Then once I’m done with my entry which can range from half a page to two, depending on the day’s events as I try to record as much as possible, I add a gratitude list. This list can range from three statements to five to as many as I can think of–whatever feels right for the day. After that, I always write a goal I either have for the next day or for that week.

It isn’t necessarily difficult to remind ourselves of the blessings in our lives. Even the hard times are blessings as there is usually either a lesson to be learned or something else to be gleaned from the experience. Our lessons make us stronger, wiser, and grow. Gratitude raises our vibrations and what we send out we attract so not only does it help us presently but it’ll help us later as well. It’s all about intention and allowing ourselves to feel that vibration as well. Words can be empty. Actions can be empty. They must be combined and fully experienced and meant before they are of any use. I’ve shared a couple ways in which I ensure I remain in this state of being and neither of them take long. They can. It all depends on how much you want to get from it but length doesn’t mean quality. If keeping them timed short helps keep you in that vibration and after a while the statements only become words then those extra words were a waste. They weren’t infused with intention, emotion, or vibration. I sincerely hope that makes sense.


I’m thankful for all of you who have taken the time to read my blog post! 🙂

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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