Card of the Day–19 Nov 2016

img_20161119_095809Lake (Stillness)

It’s not uncommon to find ourselves overwhelmed or feeling frazzled as we rush from place to place and task to task. This particularly comes into play during this time of year when we’re organizing Thanksgiving dinners, battling Black Friday traffic and crowds as well as agonizing and preparing for Christmas. We don’t take time to step back and relax. That is what this card is signaling for today. If you’re feeling stretched too thin or simply tense, take some time out (even if just five minutes) to find a quiet place and center yourself. Turn inward and find that stillness that is always present within yourself, that calm you can always return to when life gets to hectic. Be present within this stillness and I assure you, you will feel all the  better for it.


*The card is from Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer.

Brighest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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