Magickal Help during Black Friday/Retail Sales


This time of year is always extremely stressful and difficult for shoppers but if you work in retail, it’s even worse. You’re expected to be fast, friendly, helpful, and not feel overwhelmed by the mounting customers who are waiting in your line to checkout. I know this for a fact as I worked at a large retain chain (I don’t want to name it) last year during Black Friday, which was Thanksgiving Day, and the sheer amount of people, sales, stuff not ringing up for the correct price—or even at all…well, it definitely gets hectic. The weeks leading up to this much dreaded sale were busy enough so I was definitely not prepared for a long shift on Thanksgiving when I knew our first sell began at 6 p.m. I knew I had to take some witchy measures to ensure I didn’t become drained and that I was able to combat my anxiety and sense of drowning.

I’m big on crystals, which I’m sure you’re aware of if you’ve read my previous posts, so I knew I was going to utilize them. My big go-to for any sort of grounding or shielding is Black Tourmaline so I knew instantly I needed that stone. I cleansed it and set the intention that it would help me remain grounded and transmute any negative vibrations or energies into more positive ones. I placed it into the left pocket of my work vest because I always feel energy—like when checking a crystal or tarot card to see if it’s calling to me—with my left hand and my right—which is more dominant—sends energy out. By placing this crystal into my left pocket, I was signaling that this was to immediately shut down any unwanted energy that was coming my way.

I understand that if I’m taking something away then I must add something in its place. I always do this when smudging, for example, and after I walk widdershins with my sage bundle, I will then walk deosil with either intention, a candle, or something else that will bless the area. I never ever leave a vacuum.Because of this I knew I had to add something else. I was taking out negative vibes and keeping myself grounded. I needed something that would help me remain calm, collected, and at ease.

These qualities are all something I have experienced when working with Rose Quartz which is the quintessential love stone. I’m all for acting from a place of love as that is the highest vibrational frequency and it is then we are in alignment with the Divine. So I cleansed my crystal and set the intention to help me exude a warm, loving aura while being able to remain peaceful and calm. I placed this in my right pocket and off to work I went.It worked for me.

I wasn’t as stressed out—actually for the most part I was enjoying it!! The time was flying by and people who came through my line didn’t seem quite so antsy and when they were…well that didn’t bother me in the least bit. I was still able to focus on the customers and help them in a pleasant and friendly manner. I’m very big on customer-service so this was a biggie for me. I had a woman near the beginning of my shift come up and hand me a small piece of paper that she said she hoped would help me tonight.

I can’t remember the exact wording now but it was about how we are all loved and are deserving of that love and when we send that out, we receive it in return. I do recall it was very Christian-y in it’s message but that didn’t bother me in the least bit because 1) it was the thought (the woman gave it in hopes it would help) and 2) it was a beautiful message. I pocketed it and kept it with me the entire night. When I went on break and would sit near the doors on a bench, I had two different people at two different times come sit next to me and begin to just talk about everything and anything they could. I was giving off such a friendly and welcoming vibe that they felt so at ease when talking to me which made me feel great!

Thankfully I lived nearby so when I went to lunch I was able to rush home and have a quick bite with everyone and that being outside and being able to take some deep breaths of the cool night air also helped clear my mind. All in all, I definitely found what works for me in that situation. Sometimes we learn through trial and error. Sometimes we just aren’t clear in our desires. However, once we really take a moment to pinpoint what it is about the situation that bothers us we can really begin to find ways to combat that because we understand what we don’t like and instead how we would like to feel.

Crystals were my way to go. Maybe yours would be oils, herbs, a tea beforehand, or positive visualization or affirmations? Either way, so long as you take the time to really acknowledge what it is you don’t want to feel, you can begin incorporating things that will allow you to feel how you desire.


So to recap…

  • Take a step back and objectively look at the situation. Find out what about the situation do you not like. Why? How does being in that situation make you feel? What is if you are hoping not to feel?
  • Now that you know how you don’t want to feel, make a quick list of ways in which you do want to feel? How do you want your night to go?
  • Get witchy with it. What tools are you drawn to? Maybe crystals, herbs, oils? It doesn’t matter so long as you are called to it. (If herbs or oils, you could make a sachet to carry in your pocket!)
  • Set your intention with the tool and then act in accordance as the tool will allow you to maintain that vibration. It will allow it to be but you also have to try. You have to take charge. The tool is only there to help.


I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope this was of help to you. Let me know in the comments what you think, as well as any comments, questions or the like you may have.


Brightest of Blessings,

The AutumnWitch


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