Challenges and Benefits of Magick during this time of year

Most of us would agree that magick has significantly improved our lives and/or spiritualities more than we believed possible. We’ve learned we are truly in charge of our lives and situations and when we aren’t, we have the tools to handle it more efficiently. There are many benefits of this skill and knowledge which would be most useful during these next two months which are full of stress and worry. However, there are also some challenges that present themselves as well. I would like to discuss some of these benefits and challenges that I personally have experienced.

It’s always helpful to categorize a list of pros and cons which is precisely what I’m going to do. The pros always outweigh the cons but it’s crucial to always keep the cons in mind. They can even help our resolve and will so that we may experience the pros. Of course the pros and cons in this discussion are the benefits and challenges of magick. I think perhaps the challenges are ever more so present during this time of the year when we have family and friends visiting alongside the copious other stressors.

I’m going to start off with the challenges as they can be so overwhelming and strong that we may become entirely discouraged to even attempt magick. Worse, we may even fall into a false stupor where we truly believe ourselves incapable of helping ourselves or even using magick. If that were to happen, we must remind ourselves of who we are and all the magick and wonder we are capable of. I know from experience how difficult such self-encouragement can be as I’ve fallen prone to such disbelief many a times since I moved back home with my parents. Life’s circumstances begin to weigh us down, feeling as if we are drowning in an endless tide with no chance of change.

One of these such challenges is being capable of performing magick when you have family coming to visit or when you live with them. Family and friends may not be entirely understanding of your craft or faith which could lead to a sense of being an outsider, a weirdo, or worse. There could also be a lack of privacy to even attempt spellcasting, especially if your family is like mine and doesn’t seem to comprehend how courteous a knock before entering can be. They may know of it and laugh. My immediate family knows of my faith and accept me for it. However, my father still likes to joke and laugh at certain things. He’s becoming more accepting but he still believes his jokes harmless but words can hurt. They can make us feel silly, foolish, or plain absurd. This may not be the intention of the person, like my father, but nonetheless it still bothers you and could make you unwilling to help yourself through magick. Remember the adage of the Witches’ Pyramid which is “To Be Silent”. You don’t have to share if you don’t feel comfortable and sometimes that is for the best. Will it get rid of those feelings of being different? No. But those very differences are what make us unique and extraordinary. J This isn’t a path that everyone can follow and that makes us strong.

Another challenge is being able to focus when you have noise with so many people in the house and my suggestion would then be to wait until everyone’s fallen asleep before you attempt spellcasting. Just don’t chant too loudly 😉 If stress is the problem, and we all experience it during this time of year, with commercialism in full-force, then take yourself a relaxing bath beforehand or drink some tea. Tell your significant other or family members that you are going to take a hot bath and not to disturb you (although if you share one bathroom, you may wish to give them a quick chance to empty their bladders before you go soak). How many times have I decided to take a bubble bath only to have someone pounding on the door because they must use the toilet? Nothing ruins the relaxing atmosphere like that!

These are a few of the challenges I’ve experienced and am certain others have as well. Don’t worry as there are wonderful benefits as well. One such benefit is knowing you have the ability to help yourself. That in and of itself is one of the greatest encouragers life can offer. Instead of worrying about a lack of money, you can manifest it. You also possess the knowledge of ways to really calm yourself so you don’t overdo it like others. Herbs, oils, crystals—there is a plethora of methods at your fingertips. While exercise and diet are important to help care for yourself during this season, adding in a chamomile tea or adding lavender oil to a diffuser are magickal ways to really help yourself. Yes, there is science behind them but magick is only science that hasn’t been learned about yet…or at least, that’s what I like to think. You don’t have to be a witch to use herbs and oils but I think it helps with intention and purpose.  Divinatory tools, Herbs, Crystals, Candles, and Oils are but only the surface of some of the magickal ways in which you can help yourself and your family during this stressing time of year. There are ways around most problems that arise—we just need a new perspective and to elevate ourselves from the situation for a better viewpoint.

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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