November Theme


Good Morning, everyone! I hope ya’ll are having a good Wednesday morning so far. Mine has been great simply for the fact that I’m off today and therefore able to finally catch up on some of my long overdue to-dos. I’ve neglected so much this past week as my work schedule has been crazy!!! I still haven’t even really celebrated Samhain yet–which I’ll be doing tonight. The only thing I’d managed was to make some Sweet Skull Bread that I’d gotten from CharmingPixieFlora’s youtube channel a while back. My Goodness, ya’ll, that stuff is AMAZING! I’m in love! 🙂

Anyways, this month I wanted to try something new in regards to my blog, which you know I’m still in the process of updating. I thought this month I would designate a theme and go from there with it. Since we have Thanksgiving and Black Friday this month with Christmas soon to follow, this month’s theme would be De-Stressing with Magick. We all have a variety of ways we de-stress ourselves whether it be lavender oil, a hot, bubble bath or a soothing tea. These are only but a few ways in which we can allow ourselves a moment or two to ourselves to really calm and collect ourselves. I will be sharing some of my own personal techniques that I use for such situations (I worked at Walmart last year on Black Friday, so believe me, I totally had to find a way to de-stress and calm myself!). I recently shared a poll on my Twitter page as well as my Google +, if you would like to head on over to those pages and engage in my poll. 🙂

Brightest of Blessings,

The Autumn Witch


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